Friday, March 5th, 2021

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  • Better Biz through Renewal, Intentions and Teamwork

    The start of the year is always a time for renewal – a time when many struggle to make New Year’s resolutions, with the intention to keep at least one of them. But I think that many people are like me; they don’t make resolutions anymore, because they rarely, if ever, keep them. Instead I use the beginning of every month to set intentions and break up what could be called resolutions into small bite-sized pieces.

    That being said, the start of a new year always makes me think of new things to try and new goals. The best way to do that is to revisit what you have achieved and what went well in the year before. In 2010, I was able to almost triple my client base. I took several courses to increase my knowledge and the level and quality of service I could offer my clients.

    I found great support from other business owners, and learned from them as well. As I look back on what has been one of the toughest years of my life, I can see how much I have accomplished, and how much having support of others made it go much more smoothly than anticipated, and it only moves me to create an even better 2011.

    How can you achieve more in 2011? Take a look back at 2010. Examine what worked and what didn’t. Think about what you could have done to get over some of the hurdles you experienced in 2011. Did you have support during the year? Or, were you doing it all on your own?

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  • Strategic Alliances Are Key to Success in Biz

    Tracey Ehman explains how strategic alliances are key to running a successful business, and gives examples of potential strategic alliances to help you start brainstorming your own possibilities.

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  • Marketing: Thank You’s and Greeting Cards

    Building your business means building relationships with your clients and vendors. What are some ways to go about building and strengthening these relationships? From sending cards to mentioning them in your newsletter, Tracey Ehman points out that saying Thank You is a small thing that goes a long way.

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  • Entrepreneurs, Education, and a “can do” attitude

    Tracey Ehman explains how education and a ‘can do’ attitude can put you at the head of the pack.

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  • Create A Passive Income – Virtually

    Tracey Ehman gives a couple ideas of how a stay-at-home mom can create passive income in addition to running her business. Some ideas include referral fees and selling e-books. Includes action plan to help you brainstorm money-making ideas.

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  • Finding “me” – an entrepreneurial mom’s journey

    Tracey Ehman, an entrepreneur and mother, finds that life balance can be achieved if you’re willing to work towards it.

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  • Success through mentorship: a personal story

    Ever since I started my journey as an entrepreneur, the one thing I have heard over and over again is that you need to surround yourself with people that you most admire, the people that have reached the goals that you are currently looking to achieve, have cleared the hurdles standing before you and the ones that never stop advancing their reach, knowledge and expertise.

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  • Mompreneur: work-at-home creates positive family life

    About seven years ago I decided that my kids were growing up too quickly and that the stresses of my Systems Analyst position and the resulting side-effects – irritability, guilt, and exhaustion – were not in the best interest of my children or, for that matter, my family as a whole. Watching my kids being raised by someone else, even though I was lucky enough to have someone who loved them almost as much as her own children, just didn’t sit well with me anymore.

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  • How-To: Organize Your Time

    As virtual assistant who on average has 7 – 10 clients at any one time, it is incredibly important to keep everything well-organized.

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  • Offering Peace of Mind

    Over the past couple of months we have delved into the things that a Virtual Assistant can do for you and your business. We have also talked about what to look for and how to go about hiring a VA. This month I would like to share another piece of information with you…

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  • Taking a Closer Look at the Services a VA Can Do for You

    A VA, also known as a Virtual Assistant, can provide many services to assist you in increasing the revenue in your business or at the very least giving you some “peace of mind” and reducing your stress levels.

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  • How Do You Hire a VA?

    If you read my last article and you find yourself screaming “She’s talking about me!” then it’s time to begin the process of determining who is the right Virtual Assistant for you. As mentioned in my last article, the first thing you need to do is determine what tasks you need help with in your business, that if taken off your plate, would result in less stress and a higher income for you.

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  • How-to: Find a Virtual Assistant

    Asking for help is something that many entrepreneurs hate to do. They have the ‘lone-ranger’ mentality which makes them believe that to be successful they really need to do this solo. But let’s revisit that thought process and see if any of this sounds like you.

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  • What is a Virtual Assistant?

    A virtual assistant is a professional entrepreneur who provides services on a contract basis to aid solo-entrepreneurs, as well as small and mid-size businesses, to complete a variety of on-going tasks and projects. Virtual assistants can handle everything you need from administrative tasks, such as organizing and responding to emails, creating operation manuals and scheduling meetings, to arranging events, and some will even handle your bookkeeping needs.

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