Thursday, January 21st, 2021

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  • Energize Your Workday by Eating Well

    79% of us believe we are in control of our eating habits. Yet the CDC says fully two thirds of us are overweight. Wow, math was never my strong suit but that doesn't seem right.

    Are we in control? Do you eat on the run, grab fast food a couple times a week, have muffin or coffee for breakfast? What about those 2 o’clock lulls and feel the need for an energy drink or coffee? If you ever wonder what to eat, what snacks are appropriate, how often to snack, you may occasionally fall into this category.

    PROPER Food is fuel

    The majority of food options presented to us are highly carbohydrate-based, and made up of simple sugars. When excess carbohydrates are consumed, the body produces excess insulin and very little glucagon. This results in more fat being formed and stored, and a drop in blood sugar levels. In an attempt to normalize the blood sugar levels, your body stimulates the adrenal glands to secrete more cortisol, which leads to adrenal depletion and exhaustion.

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  • Are you REALLY Ready for a Stronger, Sexier you?

    It’s that time of year again when you’re making new plans and goals. And maybe your New Year’s Resolution includes ‘getting in shape’ to become a stronger, sexier you. Nicole Yamanka of Le Physique asks: Are you SURE you want that? And if you’re sure, then how much WORK are you willing to do to realize your goals?

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  • Top 3 Weight-Gaining Mistakes to Avoid During Holidays

    Personal Trainer, Nicole Yamanaka, reveals the top three mistakes busy professional women make that pack on the pounds during the holidays and what YOU can do to stay fit and healthy. She includes three “anytime, anywhere” exercises that are simple but effective.

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  • Life Balance and Exercise

    Regular exercise can really help with your life balance – it helps you sleep better and feel better – but sometimes, it can seem like just another stressful task that’s eating up your time. Here are two easy programs to help you "FITT" it into your busy life.

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  • Kids and Exercise: Fitting it in

    I meet a lot of busy parents that ask me if I can help them get in shape or how to exercise with a busy family schedule. I tend to hear a few common themes, important to moms; “I can’t seem to fit in exercise in my parenting routine,” “I want to be able to keep up with my kids,” and “I want to set a good example for my children.”

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  • Managing stress through Exercise and Nutrition

    You’ve heard it before: “Exercise causes the body to release a chemical called endorphins, also known as ‘feel good’ hormones…” Well, it’s true. Endorphins have the effect of reducing pain and can cause a state of euphoria, similar to those after eating chocolate. Hmm, let’s try a healthier example – after a good workout, like a “runner’s high.”

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  • Which Fitness Personality are you?

    It’s the New Year! Try as we might, the allure of making New Year’s resolutions is strong, and media will push fitness at you like some kind of religion. How do you navigate the overwhelming exercise options?

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  • Nutrition on the Go

    Do you find it difficult to prepare quick and nutritious meals for yourself? Is it easier to make that decision as you stare at the open fridge door for 10 minutes?

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