Thursday, January 21st, 2021

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  • When is Quitting Okay?

    In business, when is Quitting okay?I was brought up in business with the belief that “winners never quit and quitters never win.” For years this expression haunted me and I firmly resolved that I would never quit anything no matter what it was because I was a winner. It became such an obsession to me to be true to my decision to stay the course that I found myself living a life that I wasn’t passionate about anymore and instinctively knew that it was time to move one but never did anything about it.

    Have you ever felt like that? You’re stuck in a role that you used to love but don’t anymore but yet you’re sticking with it only because you don’t want to be viewed as a quitter? I’m not talking about being flakey – someone who quits anything and never really tries to succeed at anything – but am talking about someone who has put their all into their business and still feels led to move in another direction but fights making the change. Your heart breaks when you think about leaving behind years of work but deep down you know that the time has come and a new chapter of your life is ready to begin.

    I want to let you know that it is ok to quit sometimes. There is no benefit to trying to be a hero and persevere at something you’re no longer passionate about. People change, your interests change, your priorities change and to expect your goals to not change as well is impossible.

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  • What’s Your “X” Factor? Find Out & Attract More Clients!

    Do you know what it takes to win in business? Is it talent? Skill? Luck? It may not be what you think! Natasha Golinsky reveals four strategies to help you figure out what your “X” Factor is so you can give your clients what THEY want and need.

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  • Is Your Team “Filet Mignon” or “Yesterday’s Leftovers?”

    Natasha Golinsky wonders why some leaders can motivate their team to achieve success while others can barely get their team to ‘good enough’ and she compares leadership to cooking. Are you the type of leader who takes the easy mac-and-cheese route, or do you spend the extra time and effort to create a four-star meal?

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  • How-to: Keep Employees Engaged in Their Work

    Faced with a job she doesn’t want to do, Natasha Golinsky thinks about the many employees all over the world who show up day-after-day to a workplace they dread and a job they don’t like. “How could they put themselves through this agony every day?” she asks, and then comes up with some answers to help you keep your employees motivated.

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  • Create a Unique Brand by Finding Your Authentic Self

    Are you forcing yourself to wear business black to networking events in order to fit in, even when you’d rather go bright and bold? Do you work hard to follow the norm? Natasha Golinsky shares her ideas on how you can build an even better business through finding, and listening to, your authentic self.

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  • Does Your Business Have a Clear Strategy? (Part 2)

    Natasha Golinsky discusses four ways you can improve your business in your bid to “strategically position your business for greatness.” Funnily enough, the first thing to look at when growing your business is…you! Find out what the other three categories are, and what you can do for each one.

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  • Does Your Business Have a Clear Strategy? (Part 1)

    In order to grow a successful business, you need to have a clear strategy, or plan, that guides you in the direction you want to go. Without a clear business strategy, you risk creating a lack luster business with flat profits and little influence on your target market. Natasha Golinsky shares 5 Steps for creating a clear strategy for you business.

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  • Building a Business is Never a One-Woman Show

    Think you can build a great business all by yourself? Think again! Natasha Golinsky shares four must-have members you need on your team in order to build a successful business. With these teammates on your side, you can accomplish a lot more than by going it alone.

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  • Are Your Bean Poles Too Short?

    For my 30th birthday this past year two of my resolutions were to start a second business and to plant a vegetable garden. Although I have built a business before I have never ever planted anything but I figured "how hard can it be?" I drove down to the local Home Depot, hit the gardening […]

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