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    We have lots of experts writing for Entrepreneurial Woman Magazine who have ebooks, CDs and newsletters chock full of business information, that they give away for FREE. Are you searching for ways to make your business more profitable, looking for ways to attract your ideal clients, or wondering what social media is all about? You'll find the information here.

    If you have trouble downloading anything, try switching browsers I was using Firefox to download everything and I came across one product that just wouldn't download no matter what I did. When I switched to Internet Explorer and the problem solved itself. To find out more about each freebie, click on the title.

    Top 10 Tips- How To Build A Profitable Business Plan
    by Ellen Rohr, Bare Bones Biz

    It takes a bit of discipline to craft a winning Biz Plan and a profitable business. However, it shouldn’t be a chore. It should be fun! Biz Planning can be a powerful exercise in creativity and manifestation of your dreams. Open your mind and engage Ellen Rohr’s Top Ten Tips: How to Build a Profitable Business Plan.

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  • Part 3: How to Create a Remarkable and Unforgettable Brand

    Natalie Sisson has been on a journey of self-discovery that has resulted in her decision to rebrand her business from WomanzWorld to The Suitcase Entrepreneur. In this, her third installment, she tells you how YOU can find your unique brand, and gives examples of what she’s done to rebrand.

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  • Part 2: Thinking of rebranding your business?

    In Part 2 of her article series on business rebranding, Natalie Sisson outlines the steps you need to go through in order to figure out your niche market, and she gives real-life examples from her experiences as she goes about rebranding her own business.

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  • Part 1: Thinking of rebranding your business?

    Natalie Sisson shares her experiences as she embarks on rebranding her 18-month-old company into something the better reflects her goals and target market. In a series of articles, she’ll draw on her own personal experiences to give you the information you’ll need when you’re ready to rebrand.

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  • The Real Reason Entrepreneurs Get Funded by Venture Capitalists

    Natalie Sisson, founder of WomanzWord, breaks down a report she read on Venture Capitalists (people who invest in other people’s businesses). What attracts them to one business over another? Does it matter if you’re a solopreneur or in a partnership? Natalie summarizes what she learned.

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