Monday, August 3rd, 2020

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  • From Bay Street to Beach Street: creating the life she wants

    Three years ago, while staring out her downtown Toronto, Canada, corner-office window, Gayle Campbell didn’t see concrete and pavement like everyone else. Instead, she saw tropical white sand and turquoise blue waters.

    Still enjoying the afterglow of a recent island vacation, she wondered whether there was a way to bring back that relaxed beach feeling. She asked herself whether she could find a way to marry the calm serene feeling one gets from spending time at the beach with the financial benefits and rewards offered by corporate life.

    So while working full-time as a high-flying VP in a downtown financial institution Campbell started carving away time in her schedule to work on a high-end bath and beauty products business. Soon she was trading Bay Street for Beach Street and her new product line, Island Caribe, was being sold in top-end Caribbean resorts including the Four Season.

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  • A Tale of Two Mompreneurs

    Entrepreneurship was something Camilla Havlik-Patten was lucky enough to have been born into. Her father started a machine tool company years ago and she was introduced to the business – Carmen Roberts Watkins, on the other hand, had no family figure to guide her way into entrepreneurship. She had the security of a corporate job, and a background in financial services and business, but no experience starting an entrepreneurial venture.

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  • Transitioning to Self-Employment

    Liz Doyle-Harmer interviews two women who took different approaches to starting their own businesses: Mompreneur Veronika Roux-Vlachova and accountant Cheryl Mont.

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  • How-To: Fund your Business

    Before you can find the funds for your business you must first determine how much you need. Most lenders, investors and even grantors will require a business plan with financials to better understand what is required to run your business. So do your research…

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  • Thinking about starting a new business?

    Remember your first love? Remember when you spent every waking minute thinking about him? Remember the butterflies and always wanting to be with him? Remember staying up late and dreaming up big plans for the future; plans that got you so excited you jumped out of bed in the morning? Remember the glow you got when you saw him; the glow everyone else noticed as well?

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