Monday, December 9th, 2019

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  • How to Market to Women

    How to Market to Woman (Photo)A NEW Copywriting and Marketing Formula that Truly Connects With Female Clients

    It's no secret that men and women communicate differently and respond to different messaging. We've known for YEARS that women are influencing the majority of all purchasing decisions (85% + to be exact) yet marketers have been using the same antiquated techniques to attempt to capture our attention. It's not working as well as it once did because the formulas created were intended to speak to men (not that there's anything wrong with that IF that's who you're trying to connect with). 
    Women want to be heard not treated like a part of a herd.
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  • What You Must Know for Successful Marketing

    Copy is vital to your marketing success BUT if you’re missing this ONE component it can cause your copy to fall flat. Lisa Manyon, a professional copywriter, reveals what you need to know before you begin your copywriting project if you want to ensure maximum success.

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  • How-to: Choose a Copywriter for Your Marketing Success

    What is copywriting? What is it important to your marketing? How do you find a copywriter that’s a good fit for your business? Lisa Manyon, a Copywriting Strategist, blogger and author, explains three key steps you need to take to ensure you’re making the best investment for your business when choosing which copywriter you’ll work with.

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