Saturday, November 27th, 2021

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  • Don’t Get Tripped Up for Fall!

    Top Fashion Trends for Fall (Photo: Emiliano Trapani)Yes, that’s right, it’s a new season and with that comes new trends and more pressure to keep up with the latest and greatest. Here is a 3x3x3 from ICU – 3 top trends, 3 ways to wear them and 3 questions to ask before you put your money down.

    Top Trends:
    1. Patterns galore – from florals to stripes to geometric tiles, patterns are all over the runways this season.
    2. All over colour – whether red or white, the all over colour trend is back.
    3. Leather and fur – showing up in hats, leggings, sleeves and collars, both leather and fur are very present.
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  • Is Your Image Affecting Your Bottom Line?

    Studies show that good-looking people are perceived as more intelligent, competent and earn 10-15% more than their less attractive counterparts. Katherine Lazaruk gives tips on how to look your best.

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  • Women of Distinction Awards 2012

    Cathy Watters was one of 71 people nominated for a prestigious YWCA Women of Distinction Award in 2012 (Metro Vancouver chapter.) She relates her first-hand experience of this amazing event, and includes a list of winners and photos of some of the people she met.

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  • Love Yourself First, Not Last

    Katherine Lazaruk looks at how the busy entrepreneurial lifestyle can affect your health and well-being when you put your business first. She proposes that to be the best entrepreneur you can be, you need to put your business second — and yourself first!

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  • Celebrate the Old You in the New Year

    It’s a brand new year. Are you ready to be a brand new you? But…what if instead of making plans to change yourself into a new-and-improved version of yourself, you make plans to find your ‘old self’ and get to know her again? Katherine Lazaruk gives tips on how to find out what you used to do and what you used to enjoy, before you grew up and started living a life of “shoulds.”

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  • 5 Ways a Professional Image Consultant can Help You

    Have you ever wondered if your “look” is saying what you want it to say? Don’t know for sure what an image consultant does? Katherine Lazaruk, ICU Image Consulting, explains the top 5 ways an image consultant can help YOU.

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  • Shopping on an Entrepreneur’s Budget

    It’s not always easy to find extra cash to invest in your appearance when you’re spending a tonne on getting your business up and running. However, you are your business and it’s important to spend a little time getting organized so you can put your best face forward. Katherine Lazaruk gives you tips on how to shop so you get great outfits without killing your wallet.

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  • Is Your Style Really Yours?

    Are you feeling overwhelmed keeping up with the latest fashion trends? Just trying to figure out what the fashions are, versus the fads? Katherine Lazaruk gives you the latest trends, and discusses how you can incorporate them within your own personal style.

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  • The Beauty of Being an Entrepreneur

    Katherine Lazaruk explores the Beautiful Trap and explains how it can affect you and your business. She also gives tips on how you can escape the trap and challenges you to do three simple things each day to help you stay happy and healthy.

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  • The Energy of Colour in Life and Business

    What you wear can have a significant affect on how people respond to you, especially in the business world. And its not just WHAT you wear, it’s also what COLOURS you wear that affect not only how people perceive you, but also how you feel. One colour may energize you, while another may sap you. Katherine Lazaruk, image consultant, helps you navigate the colour spectrum.

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  • Does Your Business Match Your Personality?

    What is your personality type? Does it fit the business you’re in? Katherine Lazaruk reveals the six main personality types in the Yin-Yang model, and gives you the information you need to figure out your “real” self. Journal Assignment: Brainstorm ways to align your business with your personality and style.

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  • Is Your Image In Alignment With Your Business?

    Katherine Lazaruk, professional image coach, provides three questions you should ask yourself when deciding on your personal style. Does your image and style match the type of business you’re in, and vice versa? If not, what can you do about it?

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  • Rainy Day Etiquette: 5 Umbrella Bumbles to Avoid

    Rainy day etiquette goes a long way in keeping your professional image intact, especially if you’re walking with a business colleague or meeting clients. Katherine Lazaruk gives five of the most common ‘umbrella etiquette’ mistakes and tells you how to deal with each situation, with style!

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  • In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb – Fashionably, of course!

    Is your closet full of clothes you don’t wear or that no longer fit either your body or lifestyle? Your closet may be a lion that devours and hoards clothes! Take charge and, with a few simple steps from fashion and image expert Katherine Lazaruk, you can turn your lion into a lamb.

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  • Is Your Image Keeping You Lonely?

    Could you be playing the part of the ‘ugly duckling’ without even knowing it? Your overall image can help or hinder when you’re looking for love. Katherine Lazaruk helps you identify some warning signs, and gives you the tools you need to fix a faulty image.

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