Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

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  • Key to Success: Prolific vs. Productive?

    What is key to success: being prolific or being productive? (Photo: Dhiego Andrade)In a previous article, Which Way Does Your "Entelechy" Grow? I posed the question: "Which of these adjectives do you think can make a huge difference in one's success: Prolific or Productive?"

    On first glance, it may appear that they're both important keys to achieving your goals, whether in business or your personal life. But are they really?
    A Real Life Example
    Having lived the life of a writer for the past few years, I have observed a lot of prolific writers that could also be called "wannebe's." I've noticed the same phenomenon with artists and creative people of all types.
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  • How Is That Working For You?

    How can you help your clients if they resist your business advice? Karen Dodd gives some tips on how to approach it, and includes a journal assignment.

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  • What’s YOUR Ripple Effect?

    What is your Ripple Effect? How do you gauge it? Karen Dodd provides an assignment to help you figure out what effect you are having on your business clients, strategic partners and others, and gives tips on obtaining feedback and testimonials.

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  • Which Way Does Your “Entelechy” Grow?

    What is “entelechy” and how can it help you succeed in your business? Author and entrepreneur Karen Dodd explains it, and presents a brand-new challenge to help you find your own entelechy.

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  • Women of Distinction Awards 2012

    Cathy Watters was one of 71 people nominated for a prestigious YWCA Women of Distinction Award in 2012 (Metro Vancouver chapter.) She relates her first-hand experience of this amazing event, and includes a list of winners and photos of some of the people she met.

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  • What Are Your Values When No One Is Watching?

    In today’s supercharged world of Vision, Mission and Value Statements, it can be difficult to ascertain what a person or small businesses’ real beliefs are.

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  • What To Do When the Wheels Fall Off Your Trolley

    Have you ever had this happen to you: you’re motoring along just fine, feeling good about who you are, what you’re doing and what you’ll stand for (or not) and then seemingly all of a sudden, the wheels fall off your trolley? It’s not a pretty sight! Karen Dodd shares her recent experiences, and gives tips to help you get yourself back on track.

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  • How-to: Find Your Voice

    As a writer or blogger it’s important to find your own particular writing style, one that allows you to communicate to your audience in a way that is authentic and unique to you. Karen Dodd explains how she found her voice, and gives you three ways to help you find and develop yours.

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  • In Pursuit of Happiness: How to Access Your Passion

    It’s never too late to follow your passion; sometimes you just have to get creative about how you do it. Karen Dodd reveals some of the strategies she’s used to find and follow her passions. She also brings up some of the stumbling blocks that may hold you back — and what you can do about them.

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  • Achieve Greater Results with Smaller To-Do List

    Full disclosure involving a cat. Goal-setting tips to start the year off right. And a brand new mission to help you get a few steps closer to achieving Work/Life Balance. Karen Dodd gives you what you need to stay healthy and grounded as you navigate the hectic life of an entrepreneur.

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  • Learning to Live in the Moment

    Karen Dodd gives tips on how to create balance in your life and avoid burnout through meditation, journalling, and finding ways to live “in the moment.” Karen speaks from experience as a recovering multi-tasker healing from what she describes as not just burnout, but “burning to a crisp!”

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  • Discover Your Ideal Clients and Charge More

    Instead of trying to attract a greater volume of clients, what if you could attract fewer clients who each represent greater value to your business? Karen Dodd explains how you can be more attractive to your ideal clients by figuring out what you want to achieve with your business, and in what way you can best help your clients achieve their goals.

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  • Vision + Consistency = Tonnes of Clients!

    Karen Dodd shares her story of the first business she ever owned, some advice she didn’t take, and a marketing assignment that will help you become the sales and marketing dynamo you were meant to be. Find out how to follow Karen’s formula that Vision plus Consistency equals Clients, and lots of them!

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  • Overwhelmed? Focus On the Right Things

    Entrepreneurs have so many ideas and things to do that they risk becoming overworked, unfocussed, and stressed. Karen Dodd gives four strategies to help you stay on track for greater success AND she provides a wonderful assignment you can do (yes, homework!) to help you really put these strategies into action!

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  • Passive Revenue: Repurposing for Profit (Part 2)

    If you own a laptop, you have everything you need to run an info-product empire. But, you must know how to create a product that people actually want to buy! Karen Dodd, who is quite successful at selling info products, reveals eight things you need to know to succeed, whether you want to sell an ebook, a home study course, videos, or anything else you create.

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