Monday, August 3rd, 2020

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  • How-To: Find more time by Prioritizing Your Life

    Stop juggling and start prioritizing.

    Need More Time? Prioritize Your Life!

    Are you always late for appointments? Do you find yourself re-scheduling activities? Do you forget to pay your bills? Do you do your shopping on your lunch break? Is texting the only way you communicate with your family and friends?

    If any of these questions ring true to you, here are three words of advice: De-Clutter Your Schedule.

    The old saying “There is not enough time in the day!” gets tossed at me almost every day. While it’s easy to lay blame on the lack of hours in the day, it’s time – pun intended – to take a closer look at why there isn’t enough time in your day.

    Before you take a closer look at your schedule, we need to do a little exercise called Prioritize Your Life. Outlined below are steps on how you can Prioritize Your Life, followed by a description of how to complete the tasks and implement them into your life and hopefully your NEW schedule.

    Steps to Prioritizing Your Life

    1. Make a list of all the things you NEED to get done.
    2. Make a list of all the things you WANT to do.
    3. Make a list of all the activities you have scheduled for the next month.
    4. Make a list of all the appointments you have for the next month.
    5. Make a list of your VALUES in life.
    6. Time to Prioritize Your Life.
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  • How-To: Help your child get organized

    The last thing we enjoy doing as parents is relentlessly sounding like a broken record and nagging our children to clean their rooms. But no parent likes to walk into their kid’s room and find a week old, half full glass of chocolate milk or piles of laundry and dirty dishes shoved under the bed. There is a system that will put an end to all of this madness – it’s time to help your child get organized!

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  • Spring Cleaning Hype – Re-purpose? Recycle? Or Sell?

    Decisions, decisions. Where to begin? It’s on all of our minds. While spring cleaning is often viewed as a daunting, long drawn out process, it can be turned into a rather entertaining and rewarding venture.

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  • Wrestling the Paper Tiger: A Self-purging filing system

    Papers, Papers, Papers! What to do with them? Managing the paper flow coming into the household is a hot topic that drives many of us looking for solutions. Who doesn’t want a quick and painless resolution for managing the paper flow for your household bills and vital documents?

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  • Simple Steps to Organizing your Office

    Business owners are so tremendously busy running their day-to-day operations that there is rarely spare time to organize their office as well. Yet, organization is crucial to running a successful business. Keeping a clutter free, organized office from the beginning will reduce your stress levels, improve your efficiency and make your business more productive. Ideally, starting on the right foot when you start your business is best, but if you’re already knee-deep in disorganization, you can still take steps to change your office into one that is clutter-free and running smoothly.

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