Friday, November 27th, 2020

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  • 5 Reasons Your Existing Company Needs a Business Plan

    Write a Business Plan for your Existing BusinessBusiness plan writing is tough. You have all the ideas in your head, and writing them down and organizing them is an arduous task. Besides, your business is already running, and you have customers, so it’s easy to put off writing or changing your business plan. If everything’s already going great, why should you write or revise your business plan?

    1. These are Tough Times

    No matter where in the world you operate your business, economic uncertainty is a reality. To stay competitive and keep your revenues steady, you need to know what your market is up to. Will your customers continue to buy your products and services at the same price? Are they finding substitutes? Are their needs evolving? Part of a great business plan is a thorough market and industry analysis that’s kept up to date. How is your industry adapting to shifts in the economy? Has supply or demand evolved? Are there any new competitors? What are the biggest challenges your industry is facing? How is the market reacting?

    2. You Need Money

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  • Business Advice for Mompreneurs

    Guest Blogger Erin Palmer gives advice on how to run a business when you have kids at home. She touches on goal setting, creating routines, planning, networking, and how not to get derailed when sudden changes happen and your plans go askew.

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  • Business School or Law School – Which is Better?

    Raj Singh (freelance writer, entrepreneur, and law school graduate) looks at the benefits of a law degree versus a business degree, and explains how an education in law can help entrepreneurs. He also points out some down sides to getting a law degree, like the costs, stress and time commitment.

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  • Marketing Your Business Through Community Service

    Raj Singh, freelance writer and founder of Capital Idea Network, explains how partnering with charities and performing community service can help you enhance your business reputation and gain free marketing and promotion in the media.

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  • How-to: Choose a Copywriter for Your Marketing Success

    What is copywriting? What is it important to your marketing? How do you find a copywriter that’s a good fit for your business? Lisa Manyon, a Copywriting Strategist, blogger and author, explains three key steps you need to take to ensure you’re making the best investment for your business when choosing which copywriter you’ll work with.

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  • 7 Tips to Stand Out in the Masculine World of Commerce

    Sarah Grace V. Villaflor, relationship manager of Nanostyle, gives 7 tips for career advancement in the business world. If you’re facing an old-boys club, you can still stand out and excel on your own merits. Sarah’s tips include things like developing your strengths, showing people what you’re worth, and listening to your intuition.

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  • 5 Tips on Running a Family Business

    Neata Auttapong Goutier moved to Canada in 2004 and within a year had opened her first spa. She now has multiple locations that employs three family members. Neata shares how she started, and provides five important lessons she’s learned about running a family business.

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  • Smart Ways to Promote Your Business For Free

    Want to promote your business for free? Dunya Carter, a marketing consultant from Australia, shares her tips for using social media to promote your business yourself, for free or nearly free. Read on to find out the three keys to successful (free) business promotions.

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