Thursday, November 26th, 2020

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  • Avoid 4 Words All Husbands Hate to Hear

    How to Avoid the 4 words Husbands Hate to Hear (Photo)Have you thought about what these four words are that all husbands absolutely hate to hear? My new book has an entire chapter dedicated to showing you how to communication effectively with your partner so you can avoid using those four words all men hate to hear from their wives or significant other: “we need to talk!”

    As soon as these words leave your mouth, all men become filled with dread and the flight part of fight vs. flight kicks in. Ok, maybe I am being a little sarcastic but you and I both know that no man on the face of the earth ever heard those words and then began to hunker down with a nice drink and anticipate the upcoming conversation. More likely what happens is the man rolls his eyes, releases a huge sigh and says something like: “about what?” Can you relate? To avoid what may very well be these disastrous conversations, here are a few secrets revealed right out of the Communication chapter of my book.

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  • 4 Easy Steps to Communicate for Success

    Effective communication is key for building and nurturing relationships, which is what successful businesses are built on. Dr. Patty Ann Tublin gives four step to help you communicate and connect better with the people in your life.

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  • Conflict Resolution: Compromise and Negotiate

    Dr. Patty Ann reveals the fifth, and final, conflict resolution skill that will help you create successful relationships at home and in business. Practicing respect and understanding while using these skills will increase your effectiveness when it comes to dealing with, and resolving, conflict.

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  • 10 Ways to Heat up Love & Passion on Valentine’s Day

    Dr. Patty Ann Tublin, a relationship expert, gives 10 ways to help you heat up the flames of love and passion for Valentine’s Day.

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  • Conflict Resolution: Make it a Priority

    Dr. Patty Ann Tublin reveals the fourth skill that will help you deal with, and resolve, conflicts in your business, marriage or other relationships. This is part five of Dr. Patty Ann’s six-part series, “Conflict Resolution for Women in Biz.”

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  • Conflict Resolution: Take Responsibility

    Conflict resolution is a valuable tool for entrepreneurs to practice not only for business, but for their other relationships as well. Dr. Patty Ann Tublin, a relationship expert, reveals the third of five skills she mentions in “Conflict Resolution Success in Business & Marriage.”

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  • Conflict Resolution: Communicate Effectively

    Due to modern technology, we have never had more methods by which to communicate with each other than ever before. Yet, do we actually listen to each other? If you are a fan of talk radio, TV, etc., you’ll notice when conflict arises, effective communication goes out the window. Dr. Patty Ann teaches skills on how to communicate effectively to resolve conflict.

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  • Conflict Resolution: Acknowledge the conflict exists

    In this series of articles, Dr. Patty Ann looks – in detail – at five conflict resolution skills that can help entrepreneurs in both their business and marriage. This article hones in on one of the most important skills of all: acknowledging that there is a problem.

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  • Conflict Resolution Success in Business & Marriage

    Can conflict be a positive thing? Dr. Patty Ann explains how conflict in business or marriage can actually make your relationships stronger. Her top five tips for dealing with disagreements will help you learn how to resolve conflicts in a positive manner that leaves everyone involved feeling respected, heard, and empowered.

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  • Entrepreneurship and Marriage – A True Partnership?

    Last month, Dr. Patty Ann dared to ask, “Is Entrepreneurship Compatible with a Happy Marriage?” This month, she examines the nature of relationships and asks another tough question: Do you feel you and your spouse are on the same Team? How can you make sure you spouse is one board with your entrepreneurial ventures?

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  • Is Entrepreneurship Compatible with a Happy Marriage?

    Marriages and businesses have something in common: they take a lot of work if you want them to succeed. Dr. Patty Ann Tublin, a relationship expert, addresses a topic that few people consider as they prepare for entrepreneurship: what affect will it have on your marriage? Can your marriage survive the added stress? Financial worries? Role changes?

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