Friday, March 5th, 2021

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  • A Confusing Journey on the Search for Success

    Business advice: find your salt! (Photo)"What is your salt?"

    In the current economy, it takes a lot of effort to keep a small business afloat. I was funny but being a comedian wasn’t paying the bills, so I tried calling myself a humorist. But after getting sick of years of winging it with unsteady work, I hired a marketing consultant to help me define my business. When I got the bill, I realized I had been a fool calling myself a humorist. I should have called myself a humour consultant — that is where the really big bucks are.

    Marketing consultants, just like bankers, have their own secret language. My consultant and I met at a restaurant, and over a plate of fries I tried to explain to him what I did for a living: I was a writer, actor, motivational speaker and improviser, and apparently I was funny.

    Funny. That was one f-word the man didn’t like. I said it again: “I’m funny.”

    He didn’t crack a smile, just picked up the saltshaker off the table and said, “Yes, sure, but what is your salt?”

    I thought he was joking but he is a consultant; humour is not in his mission statement. He said it again. “This is a saltshaker, and you have to ask yourself, what is your salt?”

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  • Retail Therapy and Do-it-Yourself Checkouts

    Deborah Kimmett shares her humorous take on the growing trend of businesses doing less-and-less for their customers by installing do-it-yourself checkouts.

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  • When Boomerangers Return to Empty Nest

    This year, my kids came back for a stopover. Some friends said I was asking for trouble…but I was thinking of my retirement. When I get old, my kids will have to reciprocate and let me come stay with them. You may call that emotional blackmail, but I call it financial planning. With the current economy, I’m on the Freedom 55 plan; I’ll retire when my kids are 55.

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  • Business Etiquette – Handshakes or Hugging?

    Different cities can have very different customs when it comes to networking. Deborah Kimmett, motivational speaker and comedienne, navigates the confusing world of business etiquette as she hopscotches across Canada, and helps answer the question: when to hug and when to handshake?

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  • Do You Have Free Advice Syndrome?

    Deborah Kimmett explains a new societal sickness called “Free Advice Syndrome” and explains how you can detect if you have it. She also gives two key questions you can ask yourself if you’re unsure whether or not you should step up the to plate and give your free advice to friends and colleagues.

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  • Going Away on a Guilt Trip

    As a Mompreneur, you may find your best tool for helping you stay balanced while juggling family and business is…a sense of humour. Deborah Kimmett, alumna of “The Second City” in Toronto, is a motivational speaker and Mompreneur with a refreshing take on family, housework, and business trips.

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