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  • Women of Distinction Awards 2012

    Women of Distinction 2012 - Entrepreneurship nominees (Photo)The 2012 YWCA Metro Vancouver Women of Distinction Awards was held May 24 at the Westin Bayshore Hotel.

    “A YWCA Women of Distinction Award is recognized nationally as one of the most prestigious awards in Canada,” Cynthia Roney, this year’s Event Chair (and Founder/CEO of Executive Passage), said in her programme book message, “as it fosters and acknowledges deserving women and organizations whose exceptional achievements add to the health and future of our communities.” 
    The success of this event is evident not only in how long it’s been going on (this year marks its 29th anniversary)
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  • Sandra Garcia, Middle Child Marketing: on Being Mentored

    Sandra Garcia, publicist and owner of Middle Child Marketing Inc., had already been running her business for four years when she decided to take part in a mentorship program — as the mentee! She discusses how she started her business, what she learned from working with a mentor, and why she decided now was the time to do it.

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  • Review & GiveAway: “Glamheiress Kids” Accessories (CLOSED)

    Glamheiress Kids is an online boutique offering glitter/glam clothing and accessories for children. There are some items for adults, teens and even boys, but most of the things are girly-girl kids and can fulfill the dreams of any little princess who loves to dress up. GIVEAWAY: Chance to WIN one of 3 Shopping Sprees valued at $25, $50, or $100.

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  • Review & GiveAway: “The Fuzzy Fella” Children’s Book (CLOSED)

    A fun and imaginative children’s picture book from NischNasch Publishing is up for grabs in this WorldWide GiveAway. The author, Natasha Taylor, is giving away THREE books and YOU could be one of the three lucky readers to get one. Enter before Sept. 19. Open to: Worldwide, age 18 and up. One required entry, and several bonus entries available.

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  • How do I Bring Customers to My Online Jewellery Store?

    Salma Khan from New York asks, “I am opening my online jewelry business soon, God willing. Do you have any suggestions for me as a new business owner, how can I get people to see my jewelry line and keep them coming back for more?” Cathy Watters helps her brainstorm ideas that include both on-line and in-person networking, sales, and strategic alliances.

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  • Review & Give-Away: Silk Spa Creations Candles (CLOSED)

    Review & Giveaway of Silk Spa Creations massage oil candles. ENDS: August 14, 2011. OPEN: Worldwide. AGE: 16 and up. There are two Prize Packages to be given away to lucky Entrepreneurial Woman readers. There are many easy ways to enter, so read the review, check out Silk Spa Creations store on and have fun!

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  • From Employee to PR Entrepreneur: Dana Humphrey

    Dana Humphrey, owner of Whitegate PR, was working for someone else when she decided to make the leap and become an entrepreneur. She took it slow, continuing her ‘day job’ while she built up her client base and learned the basics of running a business. Interviewed by Cathy Watters.

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  • Almost an Entrepreneur: Lynsey Croll, Wine Rep

    Want to enjoy the perks that come with being an employee AND an entrepreneur? Consider subcontracting. Cathy Watters interviews Lynsey Croll, a Wine Rep who gets to work from home and make own work schedule (and other entrepreneurial perks) while still enjoying a regular paycheque and ’employee’ security.

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  • Review and Give-Away! – “Me Myself & Us” Baking Kits (CLOSED)

    Cathy Watters tests baking kits from “Me Myself & Us” with help from Girl Guide unit consisting of 16 girls age 9-11. Read the review, and enter before April 4, 2011 for YOUR chance to win a Gift Prize Package. This give-away is shipping to addresses within Canada only. Good luck!

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  • Mompreneur is Cooking Up Success with Baking Kits

    Elena Duke is a brand new entrepreneur, just a few months out of the gate, and already she’s drumming up PR and sales. Her products have been reviewed by newspapers and blogs, and she’s already thinking of moving at least part of her business into a warehouse. Find out how this Mompreneur is building her business.

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  • Cathrine Ann: Rags to Riches…to Published Author

    In spite of the many challenges Cathrine Ann faced throughout her life, including childhood sexual abuse and being homeless at 40, she was able to turn her circumstances around and create a million-dollar company. She’s also created a second career as an inspirational public speaker, and has just published a memoir of her life so far.

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  • Retail and Strategic Alliances – the Lüt Boutique way

    New entrepreneur Jennifer Cummer uses strategic alliances to help promote her brick-and-mortar clothing boutique, creating win-win situations for everyone involved. In her first year she’s explored alliances with artists, jewellery artisans, emerging clothing designers and a business group.

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  • Mompreneur in Dubai Serves Up All Natural Desserts

    When a mother in Dubai decided to create a healthier dessert to satisfy her sweet tooth, she had no idea it would eventually lead her to start up her own company and become the first manufacturer in the Middle East to offer ‘all natural’ dessert mixes.

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  • The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma: Coaching vs. MBA – Part 2

    Cathy Watters interviews Elissa Sangster, executive director of Forté Foundation, to find out her thoughts on whether entrepreneurs can benefit from an MBA.

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  • The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma: Coaching vs. MBA

    What type of education should entrepreneurs take to become better at what they do? Cathy Watters interviews E-Myth master coach, Karin Iwata, to find out her thoughts on it.

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