Saturday, May 18th, 2013

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  • Set Your Goals With a Vision Board

    Collage of scrapbooking elements. (Artwork: Billy Alexander VISION BOARD is a visual representation of what you are focused on right now and what your dreams and goals are. It should inspire and empower you to find ways to achieve what you really want. By looking at it every day you move one step closer to creating your world the way you want it. 

    You can recreate your Vision Board at any time that you want throughout the year and it can be about what you want for the coming year, or sometime in the future. I like to do it to kick off each New Year. I take my old vision board and look at what I have accomplished and quite frankly it is AMAZING!!! You can also create a vision board for a very specific purpose and watch it manifest.
    For years I have used a Western Feng Shui Bagua as the base for my Vision Board since I have taken courses in Feng Shui.
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  • Setting Your Intentions for Greater Success

    Dana J. Smithers, president of Pres Staging Resource Centre, gives her top 10 suggestions for helping you set your intentions for a more successful year in business.

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  • Get Free Publicity for Your Business

    Business owner Dana J. Smithers gives proven tips on how YOU can get free publicity for YOUR business.

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