Saturday, November 27th, 2021

Want to write for us?


Due to a high number of submissions recently, we've been swamped with stories that need to be reviewed and responded to. 

Please check back in a couple of months as we should be caught up by then. 🙂


Thank you for your interest.


Entrepreneurial Woman Magazine is always looking for business, marketing, health and life/balance experts, and mompreneurs/dadpreneurs who can tell their story in an engaging way, to contribute to our online magazine. If you are interested in submitting work, please follow the submission guidelines below.

Submission Guidelines:


  • IMPORTANT! Submission need to include either the actual article you wish to see published in Entrepreneurial Woman Magazine (600 – 800 words), OR a brief outline of what you'd like to write about WITH LINKS to work you've already published. Thank you.
  • As a Canadian magazine we are primarily interested in hearing from Canadian-based writers when it comes to expertise in Business and tax laws, business etiquette, etc. If you wish to write about business and tax laws from the viewpoint of another country, that's great too! Just make sure you say. clearly, in your article which country these laws are for.
  • In lieu of cash payment, we give our writers publicity on our website through linking to their websites/emails, publishing a short bio, and highlighting some writers in our opt-in newsletter.
  • We are open to working with established and new writers (women or men) who can speak to our audience, so:

– If you have been published, submit a few samples of your work and let us know where they appeared.

– If you have not been previously published, write an article 600-800 words long that incorporates the topic you wish to write on. For example, if you are a life coach, you could write an article on managing stress or relating better with family, or finding time to spend with children while running a business. If you are a lawyer, you could write an article on how to incorporate a business or trademark a logo, or a beginner’s how-to guide of legal things a new entrepreneur should be aware of. This is to give us an idea of your writing style and abilities.

  • Tell us about yourself in a few paragraphs. What is your expertise? What would you like to write about? How will it help our readers? Include a few story ideas of articles you can write. And tell us how often you'd like to write (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly?)
  • If you are a good fit with our magazine, we will contact you with more information.


  • We are open to featuring women entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses worldwide. Please contact us with your ideas and let us know what makes your business, or your story, unique. We will add your suggestion to our "idea file" and if we think you have a great story, we'll contact you. (It may take several months, as we get lots of ideas.)


Please email submissions to: