Monday, January 17th, 2022

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  • Mompreneur in Dubai Serves Up All Natural Desserts

    Samia W. Ataya of Dubai didn’t plan to create a business. All she really wanted to do was find a way to eat healthy and continue to enjoy her favourite desserts. However, store bought treats were full of artificial additives, and even homemade desserts used saturated fats as part of the recipe.

    Fed up, Samia began experimenting in the kitchen in 2000 and by the time her son was born two years later, she had the kind of recipes she felt good about – good enough that she wanted to share them with other moms in hopes of encouraging healthier eating habits in children.

    Waiting until her youngest child started school, she launched Catwalk Cow in late 2009, becoming the first manufacturer in the Middle East of gourmet, healthy, all natural dessert mixes. (For example, brownie mixes where all you need to do is add yogurt and bake.)

    She is firm believer in avoiding chemical preservatives and other artificial ingredients.

    “These additives have been proven to be harmful,” she says, “and have been linked to so many behavioural issues with kids.”

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