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  • Ignite Solutions and End Your Lack of Follow-through

    Examine your goals. (Photo of Flowchart)We are now nine months into 2011. September is like a new beginning each year. It’s definitely time to forge ahead and follow through on those intentions and goals that you set for yourself at the beginning of the year.

    You are Your Leader

    In any given situation, a leader is considered to be the single most important factor in follow-through. You are the leader of your own life, career and business. You are also the leader of the outcomes that you desire. If you have a team to lead, it's your job to be clear at the end of every meeting who is responsible for what and by when. The same holds true for you.

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  • How-To: Eat Healthy During Pregnancy

    It is very common for many women when they find out they are pregnant to admit that they do not have the best eating habits. Yet, nutrition, an important factor in fetal growth and development, is one of the few things a woman can control. Corinne Kantor, aka The Food Cop, tells you how to eat healthy during your pregnancy.

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  • My Diet Addiction: 20 tell-tale signs

    Carmen Jubinville shares her struggle with diet-addiction and reveals 20 tell-tale behaviours she lived with until just two years ago, when she had the courage to acknowledge her addiction and do something about it. Are your dieting tactics normal and healthy, or are you leaning towards going overboard? Check Carmen’s list and see how many of them you do.

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  • 7 Tips to Stand Out in the Masculine World of Commerce

    Sarah Grace V. Villaflor, relationship manager of Nanostyle, gives 7 tips for career advancement in the business world. If you’re facing an old-boys club, you can still stand out and excel on your own merits. Sarah’s tips include things like developing your strengths, showing people what you’re worth, and listening to your intuition.

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  • Does Your Business Have a Clear Strategy? (Part 2)

    Natasha Golinsky discusses four ways you can improve your business in your bid to “strategically position your business for greatness.” Funnily enough, the first thing to look at when growing your business is…you! Find out what the other three categories are, and what you can do for each one.

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  • How-to: Get Things Done Without Losing your Sanity

    Do you wish there was more time in the day? Are you looking at all the things you DIDN’T get done on your To-Do list when the sun goes down? Rigdha Acharya reveals two secrets that will not necessarily help you get more done, but will help you be more effective in getting the important things done.

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  • Couch to 5K: This is Why People Quit

    “Something occurred to me yesterday while I was sitting at the local water park watching our Little Man play in the sand…this is why people quit.” Read on to find out how ML Broxton does in her second week of ‘getting fit.’ Will she stick with it and reach her goal of running in a marathon?

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  • How-to: Fire Your Husband Without Getting Divorced

    Running a family business can bring some couples closer together. For others, it’s a recipe for disaster! Ellen Rohr gives tips on how to fire your husband (or even yourself!) without getting divorced in the process. Even if everything is going great and you don’t need to fire anyone, it’s good to find out what the potential friction-triggers are.

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  • Conflict Resolution: Acknowledge the conflict exists

    In this series of articles, Dr. Patty Ann looks – in detail – at five conflict resolution skills that can help entrepreneurs in both their business and marriage. This article hones in on one of the most important skills of all: acknowledging that there is a problem.

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  • 5 Tips on Running a Family Business

    Neata Auttapong Goutier moved to Canada in 2004 and within a year had opened her first spa. She now has multiple locations that employs three family members. Neata shares how she started, and provides five important lessons she’s learned about running a family business.

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  • Guerrilla Marketing Gone Wrong!

    Social media is a great way to promote your business, but some networks like Facebook and Twitter place restrictions on Guerrilla Marketing tactics. Abbey Fatica gives you the heads up on what things you may be doing that can land you in “Facebook Jail” or “Twitter Block.”

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  • Back to Work: from Home-based to Office Cubicle

    Lisa Sansom has recently accepted a contract that means working full-time hours at a client’s office instead of at home. This is her tongue-in-cheek take on the adjustments she’s had to make as she transitions from slippers to dress shoes and from a home-based enterprise (where her longest commute was down the stairs) to working across town.

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  • Business Etiquette – Handshakes or Hugging?

    Different cities can have very different customs when it comes to networking. Deborah Kimmett, motivational speaker and comedienne, navigates the confusing world of business etiquette as she hopscotches across Canada, and helps answer the question: when to hug and when to handshake?

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  • The Beauty of Being an Entrepreneur

    Katherine Lazaruk explores the Beautiful Trap and explains how it can affect you and your business. She also gives tips on how you can escape the trap and challenges you to do three simple things each day to help you stay happy and healthy.

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  • Fear – Face it and Enjoy the Rewards

    Catherine Rocheleau explores how fear can hold you back from achieving the kind of success you desire. She gives five surefire ways of helping you face your fears head on and turn your nasty little Gremlin into your best Cheerleader.

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