Sunday, January 17th, 2021

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  • Conflict Resolution: Take Responsibility

    Conflict Resolution: Take Responsibility (Photo)We all have to deal with conflict in our marriages, in our business and in our lives. Look at what was going on in Washington, DC a couple months back and the conflict around spending and cutting money. Hey, I have never feigned to be an economist, but I sure as hell know you cannot resolve conflict without taking any responsibility for it. Which brings me to the topic of today’s article and the third skill of conflict resolution: taking responsibility.

    Conflict in our relationships cannot be created in a vacuum. At least two people are responsible for it when it enters our lives. Regardless of whether you started the conflict or you are allowing it to perpetuate, you have some personal responsibility for its presence in your relationship. If you want, you can choose to act childish and immature and refuse to take any personal responsibility for the conflict that exists within your relationship. If you do this however, you are putting the romance and intimacy, and your very relationship itself, at risk. As I mentioned in the article: Conflict Resolution Success in Business & Marriage, there is no such thing as a one-handed clap. Therefore, both partners are responsible for its creation and resolution.

    Many times conflict can only be resolved when we take personal responsibility. Since we cannot change anyone’s behavior but our own, changing our behavior and/or attitude is often the best way to resolve conflict in our relationships. Although it might be difficult to realize and accept, many times it is our attitude and behavior that is at the heart of conflict in our marriage.

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  • The Purpose of Life Is a Life of Purpose

    Do you know what your true life purpose is? Are you already following it? Or are you struggling to discover what it is? Maybe you thought you knew and followed that passion, only to find yourself now at a crossroads. Karen Dodd addresses some of these questions and offers exercises to help you discover what you were meant to do.

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  • Retail Therapy and Do-it-Yourself Checkouts

    Deborah Kimmett shares her humorous take on the growing trend of businesses doing less-and-less for their customers by installing do-it-yourself checkouts.

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  • Grow Your Business by Improving Your Procedures

    “As I work with entrepreneurs, I frequently experience times when they are overwhelmed and not able to move their business forward because they don’t know what to do. Does this sound like you?” Catherine Rocheleau explains what systems are and how you can improve your business growth by having good ones in place.

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  • Does Your Business Plan Suck?

    Does your business plan suck? Do you wish you could do an Extreme Makeover on your business? Ellen Rohr asks you to take an honest look at whether or not you’re happy with your business and if not, ask yourself how can you make things better?

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  • 3 Things Every Business Owner Should Do

    Are you working on your business, or in it? Do you have strategies in place to help your business grow? Or are you feeling overwhelmed by all the things you need to do? Rigdha Acharya shares three things every entrepreneur should do if they want their business to thrive and be sustainable.

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  • Couch to 5K: A Much-Needed Do Over

    “Surprise, surprise, this week went pretty well until the very end, at which point I had a total Mommy meltdown and had to rearrange five rooms of furniture to restore my sanity.” ML Broxton explains why her team decided to have a ‘do over’ and reveals the results of Week 2 — the sequel.

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  • Create a Unique Brand by Finding Your Authentic Self

    Are you forcing yourself to wear business black to networking events in order to fit in, even when you’d rather go bright and bold? Do you work hard to follow the norm? Natasha Golinsky shares her ideas on how you can build an even better business through finding, and listening to, your authentic self.

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  • Get Out From Under Your Own Microscope

    Is focusing on your shortcomings a way to help you towards self-improvement or a form of self-sabotage? Carmen Jubinville explores why we tend to focus on our faults instead of our accomplishments, and gives three tips you can use everyday to decide when, why and whether to put yourself under the microscope.

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  • Conflict Resolution: Communicate Effectively

    Due to modern technology, we have never had more methods by which to communicate with each other than ever before. Yet, do we actually listen to each other? If you are a fan of talk radio, TV, etc., you’ll notice when conflict arises, effective communication goes out the window. Dr. Patty Ann teaches skills on how to communicate effectively to resolve conflict.

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  • How-To: Prune your Business Plan for Success

    Ellen Rohr gives a step-by-step guide on how to review your business plan and prune it down to make it focused, so your plan can work more effectively for you. This is not just a one-time thing, but something you can do regularly as your business grows and changes. A well-made plan that you review regularly can help keep you moving towards profitable goals.

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  • Are You Flexible Enough to See Opportunity?

    Sometimes the Universe sends you opportunities that you don’t recognize or don’t want, and the more you say “no” the more the Universe tries to get you to say “Yes.” Lisa Sansom explains how it’s happened to her, and what the results were.

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  • Food Allergies and Intolerances

    Food allergies are becoming a growing public health concern in the United States. More than 12 million Americans have food allergies, including three million children. Corinne Kantor, The Food Cop, explains the difference between a food allergy versus intolerance, and she lists the most common allergy foods.

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  • Gain Lots of Followers Without Landing in “Facebook Jail”

    Abbey Fatica has survived Twitter and Facebook JAIL and is back to tell you how YOU can get more followers without landing your accounts in hot water. Following up last month’s article on “Guerrilla Marketing Gone Wrong,” Abbey shares two more Guerrilla Marketing strategies, explains what a Silent Tagging Ladder is and why you should join one!

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  • Do the Math…Raise your Prices!

    Is your business financially healthy? Do you keep a balance sheet which clearly outlines your assets, liabilities, and equity? Ellen Rohr explains the importance of keeping on top of your finances and gives you three ways you can GROW YOUR ASSETS.

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