Thursday, May 6th, 2021

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  • What can Feng Shui do for ME?

    What Can Feng Shui Do For Me? (Photo: Sam Radion)Feng Shui is arranging your environment to make it feel better and support your life. Some of my clients say Feng Shui is like magic, their life changes dramatically and it happens when they least expect it.

    One of my clients changed the colour of room along with a few other changes and bingo, that evening she met a great guy who is now her husband! Who says Feng Shui doesn't work?

    I'm going to bet that you are reading this because you are frustrated with your life. You simply want to be able to relax and live comfortably in a stress free environment without everything piling up. Right?

    If this described your thoughts, then you are going to love the articles I write. If you are just joining me, welcome and I encourage you to read my online articles. They will be extremely helpful to you.

    The key is changing your environment to support your life.

    Once we understand why we are doing what we are doing then we can seek the results we want.

    In fact, the reason why your past efforts with life are going in the opposite direction to what you want is because no one has shown you, clearly, why you do what you are doing.

    That is the most important thing that I do as a Feng Shui Practitioner.

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  • What You Must Know for Successful Marketing

    Copy is vital to your marketing success BUT if you’re missing this ONE component it can cause your copy to fall flat. Lisa Manyon, a professional copywriter, reveals what you need to know before you begin your copywriting project if you want to ensure maximum success.

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  • What To Do When the Wheels Fall Off Your Trolley

    Have you ever had this happen to you: you’re motoring along just fine, feeling good about who you are, what you’re doing and what you’ll stand for (or not) and then seemingly all of a sudden, the wheels fall off your trolley? It’s not a pretty sight! Karen Dodd shares her recent experiences, and gives tips to help you get yourself back on track.

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  • 3 Ways You Are Losing Money (and how to fix it)

    Veronica Drake, International Women’s Business Coach, reveals three key areas where you may be losing money, and explains how you can fix the problem and create better profits for your business. She gives hands-on exercises you can do to ‘plug the holes’ in your entrepreneurial bucket.

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  • How to Huddle for Results-Oriented Success

    Catherine Rocheleau gives tips on how to make your meetings fast, productive, and cost efficient. She also explains the art of ‘huddles’ to overcome work hurdles.

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  • Create Systems that Work & Be More Productive

    When you use systems in your business and/or in your home life, things tend to run smoother and more efficiently because everyone knows what to do and what to expect. If your systems aren’t working, or you don’t have systems yet, Carmen will give you the nine-steps you need to get on track.

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  • Couch to 5K: Holy Cow We’re Runners

    After a week away from the program, Michele battles doubts and meets up with a new member of the Couch to 5K program

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  • 5 Reasons Your Existing Company Needs a Business Plan

    Writing a business plan is tough and time consuming. If you’re already running a business, do you really need to write a business plan? If you already have a business plan, do you need to revise it? Jessica Oman, owner of Write Ahead Consulting, explains why having an up-to-date business plan is essential for any business, big or small.

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  • Leadership: Should You Reveal the “Real” You?

    What makes a great leader? Should you put on an alternate “identity” or present yourself as you really are, authentically? What’s the best way to approach leadership and be respected? Catherine Rocheleau presents three main things you can do to be the best leader you can be.

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  • What to do on a Day of Doubt

    Do you ever feel like you hate absolutely everything and everyone involved with your business? Do you wonder why you even show up in the morning? Do you doubt your ability to make the business a success? Ellen Rohr gives tips on how to tell if your desire to quit is a passing phase, or the real deal.

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  • Clean up “The Dirt” In Your Garden with Feng Shui

    Did you know feng shui isn’t just for indoor spaces? You can also use it in your garden when planning what types of plants to use, whether or not to have pathways, and in gereral, just to clean up the ‘dirt’ in your garden. Gail Cole gives her ten-step approach to a better garden.

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  • How to Create a Simple Social Media Strategy in 6 Steps

    Do you have a Social Media plan in place? Do you know how to find out where your target market hands out online? Corrie Scott, Out-Smarts Marketing, gives a simple, six-step method for creating a social media strategy that best suits your business.

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  • Review & Giveaway: “Recession Proof” (a novel) CLOSED

    Review & Giveaway: “Recession Proof” (a novel) by Kimberly S. Lin.
    Deadline: April 22, 2012 (midnight PST)
    Open to: Canada and USA only.

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  • Couch to 5K: Vacation, Disney and Chocolate

    Michele shares pages from the diary she kept when she decided to participate in the Couch to 5K program between July and September of 2011. In this post, we follow Michele through Week 6: still dealing with the sad loss of her father, a road trip, and a family reunion.

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  • Sometimes All We Need to do is…Nothing

    When you have a challenge in your business that needs to be solved and the answer isn’t clear, you can brainstorm solutions, do some mind mapping, even bounce ideas off your colleagues or mastermind group. Or, you may want to try this surprising approach that Carmen Jubinville stumbled across when faced with a tough problem that caused her much frustration.

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