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  • Marketing Your Business with a Twitter Party

    Entrepreneurs can use a Twitter Party to promote their business. (Photo)

    Twitter parties are all the rage right now. Many Twitter parties can have 100 or more people attend at one time depending on the topic, prizes and how well the party is marketed. If you are the host of the party, this is a great way to connect with other people and raise your number of followers who could potentially become future clients. What a quick way to make 100 or more new friends in just an hour, who are already interested in your product.

    The question many people ask is, “Can I throw my own and how does it work?”

    Yes you can! But it takes some prep and A LOT of energy and concentration!

    The first question that I often get is: What is a Twitter party?

    In its most basic form, a Twitter party is a fast-paced online party taking place on Twitter.

    How does a Twitter Party Work and how do I put one together?

    The first step is to figure out what your discussion topic is going to be. For example, you can discuss your business relaunching for your website (and give away products from your business) or you have a new product coming out that you want to promote. Either of these can make for great topics and a fabulous way to give away your product to people in your twitter community.

    Then comes the date of the party and time: 9 pm EST on a weekday typically has the highest turnout rate and should last no more than one hour, because most people won’t stay longer than that.

    The biggest success I have had is on Monday nights! Saturdays and Sundays are not so good because our target audience is not online as much on the weekend and the turnout rate is much lower than during the week.

    You need to think of five or six questions you want people to discuss. Mind you, they have to fit in about 130 characters because you have to account for the hashtag.

    What is a Hashtag?

    A hashtag is a way for people to search for tweets that have a common topic. You want to do something related to what you are giving away or to your company name. You don’t want it too long and you want something easy for people to type like #LYMtalk. Party goers can then follow just the hashtag for the party and join in on the discussion directly. (Notice that the hashtag starts with a number sign (#) followed by text, with no spaces in between.)

    How to Follow the Twitter Party?

    These parties move so quickly that it can sometimes be difficult to follow them directly on the main Twitter site. I suggest that you go to or and type in a hashtag for a party and kind of learn how it works before you take on this task by yourself. These grids are great because the only thing you see in your twitter feed is the party, so you don’t have to worry about other things that are going on.

    Time to Run the Party:

    It is a smart idea to have at least two people co-hosting your party. My suggestion is that one person will run the discussion and the other will handle the distribution of prizes. But if there is a lull at the party then either person can jump in to help the other host keep the conversation moving.


    Prize Distribution can be tricky sometimes so it is helpful to have one person to take control of this aspect. Use and then contact the winner while the other host is discussing more topics with the party goers.

    The Conversationalist needs to be an expert on the topic at the Twitter Party, so that if people have questions about anything they will be able to answer it. (Example: If a business is co-hosting the party then the owner or employee should be in charge of running the discussion aspect of the party.)

    You must clarify to the party goers who they need to follow for the conversation and who they need to message their prize questions to. As for the winner’s information, they can just Direct Message the co-host their address or fill out a winner’s form (that you will need to set up ahead of time).You will just have to make sure that you are “following” them because otherwise they can’t send you a message.

    # of Prizes:

    This is up to you but I suggest five or six. Too many and it gets out of control for the person in charge of distribution. Too few and people lose interest and leave your party.

    How can people sign up:

    Enlist one of your co-hosts to have a reservation page on their website. Using a Mr.Linky is  one of the easiest ways for people to post their twitter handles and urls and you can post it on multiple pages. This way, you can kind of get an idea of how many people are going to attend. They don’t need to RSVP, but it allows them to get all the information about the party.

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