Thursday, May 6th, 2021

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  • How-To: Create Your Business Plan in a Weekend

    Write your business plan in a weekend.Congratulations. You have your own business. You're living your dream! However, it’s sucking the life out of you. No time, not enough money, too many headaches.

    Want to fix it? You can. You can change your business – and your life. It’s a matter of thinking new thoughts and taking aligned action. But you better get going. The older we get, the faster time goes. We are just too old to waste time.

    I talked to a business owner the other day. He told me he wanted to grow his company to four trucks. However, he also told me he didn’t like to move too fast and change was difficult for him. I replied, “OK. It’s taken you 25 years to add the second truck. You are fifty years old. At this rate you will be 75 by the time you add the third truck. Really?”

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  • Review & GiveAway: “Glamheiress Kids” Accessories (CLOSED)

    Glamheiress Kids is an online boutique offering glitter/glam clothing and accessories for children. There are some items for adults, teens and even boys, but most of the things are girly-girl kids and can fulfill the dreams of any little princess who loves to dress up. GIVEAWAY: Chance to WIN one of 3 Shopping Sprees valued at $25, $50, or $100.

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  • Review & GiveAway: “The Fuzzy Fella” Children’s Book (CLOSED)

    A fun and imaginative children’s picture book from NischNasch Publishing is up for grabs in this WorldWide GiveAway. The author, Natasha Taylor, is giving away THREE books and YOU could be one of the three lucky readers to get one. Enter before Sept. 19. Open to: Worldwide, age 18 and up. One required entry, and several bonus entries available.

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  • Does Your Business Have a Clear Strategy? (Part 1)

    In order to grow a successful business, you need to have a clear strategy, or plan, that guides you in the direction you want to go. Without a clear business strategy, you risk creating a lack luster business with flat profits and little influence on your target market. Natasha Golinsky shares 5 Steps for creating a clear strategy for you business.

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  • How to: Keep the Faith No Matter What

    If you’re working toward being, doing or having something — for example, saving money, starting a business, losing weight, etc. — you know how hard it is to stay positive when things aren’t going as planned. Carmen Jubinville shares five ways to keep the faith when you’ve had a bad day.

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  • Couch to 5K: Getting Started on Getting Fit

    Follow ML Broxton’s journey to go from Couch Potato to Jogging Dynamo in her bid to exercise regularly, get healthier, and reach her goal of running in a 5K marathon this September. Find out more about the “Couch to 5K” plan she’s following and read her experiences in this follow-up post to “One Mompreneur’s Journey Back to Heatlh.” You can even join in (virtually) with your own plan.

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  • Conflict Resolution Success in Business & Marriage

    Can conflict be a positive thing? Dr. Patty Ann explains how conflict in business or marriage can actually make your relationships stronger. Her top five tips for dealing with disagreements will help you learn how to resolve conflicts in a positive manner that leaves everyone involved feeling respected, heard, and empowered.

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  • 5 Ways of Marketing Your Business Online

    As a business owner, it is hard to market your company alone. Getting on social networks is crucial to marketing a business in this day in age, but are you using them to their fullest potential? Abbey Fatica shares five ways you can increase your sales and reach a larger network by marketing your business online.

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  • Time Management Tips: Old School vs Digital Savvy

    Our newest contributor, Rigdha Acharya, is an expert at Time Management. In her first post for us, she shows how changing just two “old school” methods of managing your time can make a huge difference in your business success.

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  • A Vegetarian Lifestyle: Is it for You?

    Are you considering the idea of changing your diet and becoming a vegetarian? Corinne Kantor explains the various types of vegetarian diets — there are nine of them! — and answers the question, “Is a vegetarian lifestyle really healthier than a meat-eater lifestyle?”

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  • Self-Marketing: Get the Phone Ringing! – Part 4

    Welcome to the final installment of Ellen Rohr’s four-part series on self-marketing. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to publicize your business, including paid and free options, read on. You will find plenty of ideas to use right away, or let the process wake up your creative “inner marketer.”

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  • Confidence – A Key to Success

    Have you ever experienced a period where your confidence has held you back from taking advantage of opportunities? Stopped you from achieving your best? Catherine Rocheleau lists several ways you may actually be undermining your own feelings of confidence,and shares ways to combat that self-sabotage.

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  • Couch to 5K: One Mom’s Journey Back to Health

    ML Broxton has decided to take action and regain some of the energy she used to have in her 20s, before there was marriage, children and middle age! Follow her journey as she strives to go from couch potato to marathon runner in just a few short months. Find out about the “Coach to 5K” plan and join in.

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  • Smart Ways to Promote Your Business For Free

    Want to promote your business for free? Dunya Carter, a marketing consultant from Australia, shares her tips for using social media to promote your business yourself, for free or nearly free. Read on to find out the three keys to successful (free) business promotions.

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  • 7 Signs That You Are Living a Happy Life

    Are you happy? Carmen Jubinville lists seven key things that happy people do that helps them be and stay happy. If you’re already quite chipper, you can check the list to see which items you agree with and add you own advice to the comments section. If you’re feeling low, incorporate some of these things into your life and start feeling better.

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