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  • Bust These 4 Business Myths and Make More $$

    Bust These 4 Myths and Achieve Greater Success (Photo)Business is easy: Be of service. Charge more than it costs. Take the money now. We really make it harder than it is. Perhaps it’s not the mechanics of business that get in our way. Maybe it’s the emotional baggage we attach to money. Or the things we think we know about business. Once upon a time, I nearly sank the family plumbing business. To fix it, I had to un-learn a few commonly held myths that that were tripping me up.

    Myth #1 – Do what you love and the money will follow.
    When you do what you love, it will come easily and naturally to you. And you might deceive yourself into thinking that the money doesn’t matter. The money DOES matter and it will not just magically appear when you do a good job. Certainly, do what you love. But mind the money.
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  • Generate 6 Figures in 6 Steps

    Veronica Drake reveals her top six steps to developing a six-figure income, from understanding what makes you and your business unique, to turning a casual user into a committed client.

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  • Down with DEBT: 7 Steps to Financial Freedom

    Ellen Rohr, who nearly sank her own family business, has since learned a lot about money. In this post, she shares with you ideas on how you can take control of your personal and business debt. She includes a seven-step plan on reducing debt and tips on deciding which bills to focus on first.

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  • Money Management – Trouble-shooting Tips (Part 2)

    Ellen Rohr gives tips on how to spot and fix mistakes in your financial records. Keeping on top of your business finances will help you keep your cash flow happy and healthy, and reduce your stress levels by letting you know exactly how much money is coming in and going out.

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  • Money Management – Trouble-shooting Tips (Part 1)

    Ellen Rohr nearly sank her family business before figuring out how to market better and manage the finances. Join her as she explains how to stay on top of your business finances, and how to spot mistakes in your Balance Sheets and Income Statements. Her follow up post will detail how to fix those mistakes.

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  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Making Money

    Making money is the reason businesses exist. Sure, some businesses are geared toward helping people, but if it’s not making money too, it’s not going to survive. Ellen Rohr gives her list of the best Do’s and Don’t’s of helping your business make money.

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  • The Dark Side of the Holiday Bonus

    Holiday bonus cheques can be a great way to motivate staff, or an awkward drain on company resources. Ellen Rohr explains how to change your bonus cheque vampire into a happy team motivator.

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  • The Price is Right! – Figuring Out What to Charge

    Are you running a business and struggling with money? It could be that you’re underpricing yourself. Ellen Rohr, author of three business books, explains how to figure out what you should be charging for your products and services.

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  • The Real Reason Entrepreneurs Get Funded by Venture Capitalists

    Natalie Sisson, founder of WomanzWord, breaks down a report she read on Venture Capitalists (people who invest in other people’s businesses). What attracts them to one business over another? Does it matter if you’re a solopreneur or in a partnership? Natalie summarizes what she learned.

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  • Create A Passive Income – Virtually

    Tracey Ehman gives a couple ideas of how a stay-at-home mom can create passive income in addition to running her business. Some ideas include referral fees and selling e-books. Includes action plan to help you brainstorm money-making ideas.

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  • Credit Card Processing Tips for Internet Entrepreneurs

    Stella Fayman, blogger and Marketing and Customer Relations manager for a credit card processing company, provides five must-have tips for entrepreneurs who are considering accepting online payments.

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  • The Taxing issue of Business Deductions

    Canada Revenue Agency has a full library of useful business information available online to help you figure out which taxes, and tax write-offs, apply to you. It has everything from figuring out payroll deductions to filing tax for your sole proprietorship or corporation, and even explains record keeping requirements for businesses.

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