Thursday, May 6th, 2021

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  • Are Your Bean Poles Too Short?

    Believe in your business. (Photo)

    For my 30th birthday this past year two of my resolutions were to start a second business and to plant a vegetable garden. Although I have built a business before I have never ever planted anything but I figured "how hard can it be?" I drove down to the local Home Depot, hit the gardening section and asked for the easiest vegetables to grow. Beans came out at the top of the list so beans it was.

    Home I went with a pack of bean seeds and the bean-poles I would need for them to grow up on. I had been recommended to get bean poles that would be at least 4 feet tall but I opted for the 2-foot tall poles thinking "it’s a tiny seed, how tall can it get?" (Already I’m sure you can see how naive I was about gardening).

    For weeks absolutely nothing was happening with those beans. My sons (ages 4 and 3) gave up on our gardening project and I was having my doubts. About a month later tiny, tiny, cute little sprouts started popping through the dirt. Again it seemed like even more weeks went by and they were not getting bigger and I truly saw little hope for our tiny beans.

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  • Eating Healthy on a Budget

    Are you looking at ways to eat healthier meals without breaking your wallet? Corinne Kantor reveals the secrets of eating well and saving money on a budget. For example, shopping at the Farmer’s Market near closing time, buying just what you need from a bulk bin, and giving up name brands for generic.

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  • 5 Sure Ways to Fall in Love With Your Body

    We all tend to have things about ourselves that we don’t like, and if we’re not careful, we can damage our own self-esteem through negative thoughts. Carmen Jubinville gives five things we can do to “fall in love” with ourselves, strengthen our self-image, and be kinder to ‘me.’

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  • Dietary Fat – the Good and the Bad!

    Confused about fats? Unsure which ones are good for you and which ones you should avoid? Corinne Kantor, The Food Cop, gives you the low-down on both good and bad dietary fats, a list of health benefits fats give us, as well as an example of how to figure out your personal daily recommended intake.

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  • Stop the Insanity! Blow the Whistle on Body Image Falsehoods

    Carmen Jubinville blows the whistle on false body image beliefs that are destructive to self-esteem and good health. Where do these destructive messages come from? Learn to recognize which the true from the false, and find empowerment in loving the ‘real’ woman you see in the mirror.

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  • Going Green with Nutrition!

    Want an easy way to support your local economy and help the environment at the same time? Buy locally grown foods! The closer to home your food originates, the less energy it takes to transport it to market, which mean less pollution in the world. Corinne Kantor gives her tips on going green with your food choices.

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  • Energize Your Workday by Eating Well

    Do you want more energy? Want to increase your productivity? It may be as simple as making a few changes in your eating habits! Nicole Yamanaka, nutritionist expert, gives simple tips for making small changes in your daily life that will have a huge impact on how you feel.

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  • Get that Promotion with Positive Thinking and Feng Shui

    There are many ways to think positively; visualization, setting your intention (ie, through the ideas presented in The Secret) and prayer, for example. There’s also Feng Shui. Terri Perrin gives tips on how to use feng shui and positive thinking to help you land your next promotion.

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  • Self-Esteem and a New Culture of Women

    In her first article for EWM, Carmen Jubinville, a Body Image Coach, touches on why she started her company, “Body Love,” and explores the concept of learning to love yourself better and find happiness from within.

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  • Get the Scoop on Sugar Substitutes

    Corinne Kantor gives you the inside scoop on sugar substitutes, including the ‘acceptable’ daily dose of each type, their possible side effects, and how to cook with them. She then follows up with an assignment you can do in your very own kitchen.

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  • Be Happier! 5 Steps to Bounce Back after a Let Down

    Dealing with upsetting events at work can be difficult. Maybe a client ‘fires’ you or a colleague sends you a curt email. What is the best way to deal with it? How do you avoid feeling down? Lisa Sansom gives a 5-step process to help you change your thinking, to change your mood.

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  • Why “Play Time” is Necessary for Business Success

    Taking time for yourself isn’t about being lazy. It’s about taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional health. Working too many hours can cause a number of problems, from stress headaches to burnout. Catherine Rocheleau explains why giving yourself permission to play is necessary for business success.

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  • Feng Shui Your Clothes and Improve Business Success

    If you’re feeling down, it may be the clothing you wear. Or, more specifically, the colours you wear. Terri Perrin explains how colour can effect your mood, health and energy, and gives tips on what you can do to change things for the better. She also provides an assignment to help you de-clutter your closet!

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  • Cultivating Love In Your Life

    Roxanne Thornton, a wedding officiant, explores the difference between Romantic Love and the Art of Loving. Do you ‘fall in’ love, or do you make a decision to love? Do you hold back, waiting to meet your one and only, or are you open to giving love a try, even if it isn’t that amazing, perfect thing that’s portrayed in the movies? Is love something you can practice and strengthen?

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  • Being Healthy: Body Weight versus Body Fat Percentage

    Do you get frustrated when you are dieting and the number on your scale is continuously going UP instead of down? Do you know what Body Weight Percentage is, how to measure it, and how it compares to BMI? Corinne Kantor, “The Food Cop,” explains everything you need to know to take charge of the scale once and for all.

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