Thursday, May 6th, 2021

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  • Couch to 5K: This is Why People Quit

    Michele Broxton and Elizabeth Skyles-Jordan (Photo)Something occurred to me yesterday while I was sitting at the local water park watching our Little Man play in the sand….“this is why people quit.” Week 2 of the “Couch to 5K” program started off well.


    The training program called for a slightly more difficult session. Ava went with me again and did great! Toward the end, she wanted to stop and admire the flowers growing along the sidewalk. I slowed my run to accommodate and watch my beautiful child sniff a flower (moms, you know what I’m talking about here…it’s a Kodak moment). Just in case you ever consider this same move, let it be known that I highly recommend not running sideways. Something snapped in my knee and thus began what has now been a week of ice packs, a knee wrap, and Aleve.


    Ava and I went back to the sport store and picked up some running shoes for her, too. It feels great to know that she is learning early how good it feels to exercise. Plus, the running shoes are super cute and, in my opinion, help prevent injury. Regular tennis shoes are flat on the bottom. Running shoes are made to support your foot in the right spots and promote a “heel-to-toe” pattern when your foot hits the ground.


    The summer flu gifted me with its presence and I took that opportunity to get reacquainted with our couch. It had missed me.


    I still felt crappy and started to think things such as “OMG. Why did I start writing about this? What if I can’t finish? What if this just becomes another good intention to get healthy that I don’t follow through on?” I felt like I had to go run on Friday because it was my day. It was the day I scheduled to do it. Then a neighbor heard I was training and stopped by the office to see if it would be ok to join us. Knee or not, I said yes and we had a great run. Ice and more Aleve after the run, but it felt awesome to just get out there and do it.


    I was going to run to make up for Wednesday’s lost session, but my knee still hurt from Friday. So, I made the executive decision to give my knee a rest over the weekend and just repeat Week 2 again next week. My goal is for Ava and me to run the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation 5K in Rolla on Sept 24, so we have plenty of time to work this program at a pace that fits the stuff life throws at us.

    That night, stopped by the a local brewery for the first time with lifelong best friend, Elizabeth Skyles-Jordan, who was in town for her 15-year class reunion. It is a great place to socialize in a clean, smoke-free environment. I am a huge fan now of their coffee and live music! Brent Copeland and the ACP Band were playing and it was awesome!


    While at the water park with the kiddos, I thought about you. I couldn’t wait to tell you that for the first time in years, I wore a regular swimsuit without the skirt thing on the bottom. Do I look fabulous? No, I do not. Do I still look at skinny moms, calculate their child’s age, and try to justify why they are skinny and I am not? Yep. The difference is that I have a new sense of pride, knowing that I am following a proven, doable, scheduled plan to get healthier.

    Watching our Little Man play in the sand, I had some time to reflect on life. This week’s training didn’t go as well as I’d hoped, and a few days were really discouraging. It occurred to me that this is why people quit. We have great intentions, start down the right path, and then something happens and we get thrown off our course. The difference, I think, is not how many times we get thrown off track, it’s that we climb back on and keep going.

    Preview into next week:

    Monday morning, stepped on the scales – frown. Stepped into a size smaller pants because my other jeans are in the laundry and they fit – SMILE!

    Want to join us?

    Check out the Couch to 5K training program available online. It’s free and fantastic!

    About the Photo:

    We had a great time at Public House Brewery listening to Brent Copeland and the ACP Band on Saturday night!  Pictured (left to right): Michele Broxton (me!) and Elizabeth Skyles-Jordan.

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