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  • Conflict Resolution Success in Business & Marriage

    Business, Marriage, and conflicts (Photo: Kamil Kantarcıoğlu)Conflict between people can be seen in very general terms as a fight or battle. The word conflict may lead you to think of a nasty fight with your spouse, or a mild argument between business partners. Regardless of how mild or severe, most conflicts in marriage and business are rooted in power struggles. In other words, who gets to make the decisions in the family and in the business?

    Conflict arises from many sources but at its core conflict stems from differences – whether these differences reflect disagreement over values, motivations, perceptions, ideas, desires or goals. In marriage, and in business, these differences may appear trivial until they trigger a strong personal feeling or a deep personal need to feel respected, valued, secure, or a need for greater intimacy.

    Conflict is an inevitable part of life; many people view conflict in negative terms.

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  • Confidence – A Key to Success

    Have you ever experienced a period where your confidence has held you back from taking advantage of opportunities? Stopped you from achieving your best? Catherine Rocheleau lists several ways you may actually be undermining your own feelings of confidence,and shares ways to combat that self-sabotage.

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  • 7 Signs That You Are Living a Happy Life

    Are you happy? Carmen Jubinville lists seven key things that happy people do that helps them be and stay happy. If you’re already quite chipper, you can check the list to see which items you agree with and add you own advice to the comments section. If you’re feeling low, incorporate some of these things into your life and start feeling better.

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  • Building a Business is Never a One-Woman Show

    Think you can build a great business all by yourself? Think again! Natasha Golinsky shares four must-have members you need on your team in order to build a successful business. With these teammates on your side, you can accomplish a lot more than by going it alone.

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  • Entrepreneurship and Marriage – A True Partnership?

    Last month, Dr. Patty Ann dared to ask, “Is Entrepreneurship Compatible with a Happy Marriage?” This month, she examines the nature of relationships and asks another tough question: Do you feel you and your spouse are on the same Team? How can you make sure you spouse is one board with your entrepreneurial ventures?

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  • Do You Have Free Advice Syndrome?

    Deborah Kimmett explains a new societal sickness called “Free Advice Syndrome” and explains how you can detect if you have it. She also gives two key questions you can ask yourself if you’re unsure whether or not you should step up the to plate and give your free advice to friends and colleagues.

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  • How to be Fabulously Successful in One Step

    What is the secret to success? How can YOU have a ‘fabulously successful’ life? Carmen Jubinville reveals the true secret to creating your successful life with her no-fail, one-step process.

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  • Are Your Bean Poles Too Short?

    For my 30th birthday this past year two of my resolutions were to start a second business and to plant a vegetable garden. Although I have built a business before I have never ever planted anything but I figured "how hard can it be?" I drove down to the local Home Depot, hit the gardening […]

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  • Get that Promotion with Positive Thinking and Feng Shui

    There are many ways to think positively; visualization, setting your intention (ie, through the ideas presented in The Secret) and prayer, for example. There’s also Feng Shui. Terri Perrin gives tips on how to use feng shui and positive thinking to help you land your next promotion.

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  • Be Happier! 5 Steps to Bounce Back after a Let Down

    Dealing with upsetting events at work can be difficult. Maybe a client ‘fires’ you or a colleague sends you a curt email. What is the best way to deal with it? How do you avoid feeling down? Lisa Sansom gives a 5-step process to help you change your thinking, to change your mood.

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  • Why “Play Time” is Necessary for Business Success

    Taking time for yourself isn’t about being lazy. It’s about taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional health. Working too many hours can cause a number of problems, from stress headaches to burnout. Catherine Rocheleau explains why giving yourself permission to play is necessary for business success.

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  • Cultivating Love In Your Life

    Roxanne Thornton, a wedding officiant, explores the difference between Romantic Love and the Art of Loving. Do you ‘fall in’ love, or do you make a decision to love? Do you hold back, waiting to meet your one and only, or are you open to giving love a try, even if it isn’t that amazing, perfect thing that’s portrayed in the movies? Is love something you can practice and strengthen?

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  • Live Better and Be Happier in 2011

    Being happy, living better and enjoying life is something you control by making conscious decisions and taking action towards what you want. ML Broxton gives 5 steps to help you start down that path. The first step may be the hardest: clearly define what is important to you and ask yourself how you can make it a part of your daily life. Find out what the other important steps are!

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  • 15 Steps to Self-Empowerment

    New writer Jennifer Kelly gives wonderful tips on how to follow the path to self-empowerment. In just 15 steps, you can create a stronger, more confident ‘you.’ Already empowered? Add your tips to our “comments” section, or tell us your story.

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  • Vision boards 101 – what are they and how can they help YOU?

    Elena Pezzini, a certified professional coach and hypnotist, explains what Vision Boards are (aka Treasure Maps), how you can make one, and why you would want to. Also, find out how to make one in paper, digital or video formats.

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