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  • Are Your Problems Making You Bitter or Better?

    Are Your Problems Making You Better or Bitter? (Photo: Zsuzsanna Kilian)We hear it all the time; our problems are intended to help us become a better version of ourselves. But let's get honest, when 'the fit hits the shan', it isn't very easy for us to accept the idea that it's all happening for our greater good.

    For those of us who really try, it can be extremely difficult to find the silver lining in some of our problems. In the midst of chaos how do we really practice the idea of becoming better rather than bitter?
    I think the key word here is 'practice'.
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  • Get Organized for Fall with Feng Shui!

    Gail Cole gives 8 tips for using Feng Shui to clear out the clutter in and around your home, so you can start your Autumn feeling wonderfully refreshed.

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  • Can a Negative Really be a Positive?

    Carmen Jubinville discovers how to turn a negative into a positive and shares the secret with you.

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  • Living Green OUTSIDE Your Home with Feng Shui

    Gail Cole of All Things Balanced gives tips and examples to help you build a Feng Shui garden.

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  • Living Green INSIDE Your Home with Feng Shui

    Do you know which plants you can put into your home to help keep the air clean? What colours promote sleep and relaxation in the bedroom? What to do you to make your bathroom more like a spa? Gail Cole tells how you can use Feng Shui to create a ‘green’ environment indoors.

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  • How-to: Tackle Difficult Issues

    Carmen Jubinville gives steps you can take to tackle the issues in your life that are causing you stress or pain. While it’s difficult to face them, it’s easier in the long run to take care of it now, than letting it continue to hurt you day-in and day-out.

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  • What Are Your Values When No One Is Watching?

    In today’s supercharged world of Vision, Mission and Value Statements, it can be difficult to ascertain what a person or small businesses’ real beliefs are.

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  • What can Feng Shui do for ME?

    Feng Shui is arranging your environment to make it feel better and support your life. Some people say Feng Shui is like magic, their life changes dramatically and it happens when they least expect it.Gail Cole shares two ways that Feng Shui can change your life.

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  • What To Do When the Wheels Fall Off Your Trolley

    Have you ever had this happen to you: you’re motoring along just fine, feeling good about who you are, what you’re doing and what you’ll stand for (or not) and then seemingly all of a sudden, the wheels fall off your trolley? It’s not a pretty sight! Karen Dodd shares her recent experiences, and gives tips to help you get yourself back on track.

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  • Clean up “The Dirt” In Your Garden with Feng Shui

    Did you know feng shui isn’t just for indoor spaces? You can also use it in your garden when planning what types of plants to use, whether or not to have pathways, and in gereral, just to clean up the ‘dirt’ in your garden. Gail Cole gives her ten-step approach to a better garden.

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  • Conflict Resolution: Compromise and Negotiate

    Dr. Patty Ann reveals the fifth, and final, conflict resolution skill that will help you create successful relationships at home and in business. Practicing respect and understanding while using these skills will increase your effectiveness when it comes to dealing with, and resolving, conflict.

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  • This Spring turn YOUR Home into a Private Getaway!

    Gail Cole, a Feng Shui expert, tells you how to turn your home into a relaxing paradise by making just nine simple changes to your layout, decor, and colour scheme.

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  • Ready, Set, Romance!

    On Valentine’s Day, everyone has love and romance on their minds. Ever wonder why some people have the ideal partner and you don’t? You might want to try some of the Feng Shui tips Gail Cole gives her clients for finding love.

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  • In Pursuit of Happiness: How to Access Your Passion

    It’s never too late to follow your passion; sometimes you just have to get creative about how you do it. Karen Dodd reveals some of the strategies she’s used to find and follow her passions. She also brings up some of the stumbling blocks that may hold you back — and what you can do about them.

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  • Achieve Greater Results with Smaller To-Do List

    Full disclosure involving a cat. Goal-setting tips to start the year off right. And a brand new mission to help you get a few steps closer to achieving Work/Life Balance. Karen Dodd gives you what you need to stay healthy and grounded as you navigate the hectic life of an entrepreneur.

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