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  • How-To: Find a business organization in your area

    Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been in business for awhile, it’s good to know where you can go to get help. Maybe you want to find out how to write a business plan. Maybe you want to know how to expand your business, deal with taxes or meet other entrepreneurs.

    Every community has some kind of business-related organization. Some are run by the government, some by non-profits, and still others are run by the business people themselves.

    What each organization offers will differ, but they should provide at least some of the following: seminars, workshops, networking opportunities, library of business-related books, answers to general business questions, and/or information on where and how to register a business.

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  • First impressions in the Digital Age

    Successful businesses are driven by personal connections. Yet, in this digital age, initial contact with prospective clients is rarely face-to-face. Through websites, social media and other marketing materials, ensuring positive first impressions before meeting clients often comes down to the portrait we choose.

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  • How-To: Help your child get organized

    The last thing we enjoy doing as parents is relentlessly sounding like a broken record and nagging our children to clean their rooms. But no parent likes to walk into their kid’s room and find a week old, half full glass of chocolate milk or piles of laundry and dirty dishes shoved under the bed. There is a system that will put an end to all of this madness – it’s time to help your child get organized!

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  • How-To: Organize Your Time

    As virtual assistant who on average has 7 – 10 clients at any one time, it is incredibly important to keep everything well-organized.

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  • How-To: Fund your Business

    Before you can find the funds for your business you must first determine how much you need. Most lenders, investors and even grantors will require a business plan with financials to better understand what is required to run your business. So do your research…

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  • How-To: Better Business Writing

    There is always a dual purpose to any piece of business writing. Although primarily we want to accomplish something (make a request, place an order, lodge a complaint etc.), we also have an underlying purpose: to maintain a good relationship with the reader and promote ourselves and our organization.

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  • Wrestling the Paper Tiger: A Self-purging filing system

    Papers, Papers, Papers! What to do with them? Managing the paper flow coming into the household is a hot topic that drives many of us looking for solutions. Who doesn’t want a quick and painless resolution for managing the paper flow for your household bills and vital documents?

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  • Common-sense Networking Checklist

    Chris outlines 8 important points to think about before attending a networking meeting.

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  • How Do You Hire a VA?

    If you read my last article and you find yourself screaming “She’s talking about me!” then it’s time to begin the process of determining who is the right Virtual Assistant for you. As mentioned in my last article, the first thing you need to do is determine what tasks you need help with in your business, that if taken off your plate, would result in less stress and a higher income for you.

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  • How-to: Find a Virtual Assistant

    Asking for help is something that many entrepreneurs hate to do. They have the ‘lone-ranger’ mentality which makes them believe that to be successful they really need to do this solo. But let’s revisit that thought process and see if any of this sounds like you.

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  • How-to: Find a Life Coach

    Gerrianne Clare of Clare Consulting, Kelowna, BC, says the most important thing in all these tips is to make that phone call and chat. It’s the best way to get a ‘vibe’ about someone.

    “It’s important to interview your coach and make sure they have the understanding of what you need,” she adds. “You’ll know that connection when you get it.”

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  • Simple Steps to Organizing your Office

    Business owners are so tremendously busy running their day-to-day operations that there is rarely spare time to organize their office as well. Yet, organization is crucial to running a successful business. Keeping a clutter free, organized office from the beginning will reduce your stress levels, improve your efficiency and make your business more productive. Ideally, starting on the right foot when you start your business is best, but if you’re already knee-deep in disorganization, you can still take steps to change your office into one that is clutter-free and running smoothly.

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  • How-to: Manage Change in Your Business

    Whatever change your business is faced with, managing the change effectively is key to success. Here are some tips and ideas that may help you in managing that change.

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