Thursday, November 26th, 2020

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  • Find Your Entrepreneurial Motivation and Purpose

    Find your entrepreneurial purpose.

    Once a month, I invite a smart business expert to be my guest star on the Bare Bones Biz Teleseminar call. We ask folks to join us on the call to share and learn and have some fun with business building. In April, my guest was Simon Sinek. You could call Simon a marketing expert. However, his approach is unorthodox. He doesn’t talk about products and features and services and company names and yellow pages and radio ads. His consulting process can be summed up in one word: why.

    Why do you do what you do? Why do people work for you? Why do customers buy from you? Why does your business exist? Why do you get out of bed every morning? Why do you do it?

    Why is a heavy question. Answering that question can be liberating. And it can help you create an extraordinary business and a rewarding life.

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  • Better Biz through Renewal, Intentions and Teamwork

    Is it better to make New Year Resolutions for the year, or smaller, more achievable goals at the start of each and every month? Tracey Ehman, who runs a Virtual Assistant business, explains how she makes her goals and how she almost tripled her client base in just one year.

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  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Getting Things Done

    In the fourth and final “Do’s and Don’t’s” installment, Ellen Rohr gives a list of tips she’s collected for making sure things get done around the office, whether it’s YOU that needs to get things done, or employees that need some encouragement. Check out the bottom of the article for links back to the first three posts.

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  • 5 Secrets to Turning Good Intentions into Great Results

    You’ve made your New Year’s Resolutions; created your goals and plans; and are all fired up to succeed! And a month or two later, it all fizzles down. Your enthusiasm is gone; you forget why you wanted to do this or that project. You had all the right intentions, but lack the results. Catherine Rocheleau shows you how to break that cycle and turn good intentions into concrete results.

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  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Business and Balance

    Ellen Rohr has collected advice from many people, as well as through her own experiences, and has created a list of the Do’s and Don’ts for running a business. This, the first in a four-part series, gives tips on improving your business, creating balance in your life, and being a good leader.

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  • Unsuccessful Goals: Failure or New Opportunity?

    In reviewing the past year, it’s normal to ask, “what have I accomplished?” However, Catherine Rocheleau, a Leadership and Change Strategist, says it’s just as important to examine your failures. Asking why goals weren’t met can give you valuable insight into changing priorities and new opportunities.

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  • Mompreneur is Cooking Up Success with Baking Kits

    Elena Duke is a brand new entrepreneur, just a few months out of the gate, and already she’s drumming up PR and sales. Her products have been reviewed by newspapers and blogs, and she’s already thinking of moving at least part of her business into a warehouse. Find out how this Mompreneur is building her business.

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  • Top 3 Mistakes Female Strategic Alliance Partners Make

    Strategic alliances, if done properly, can help businesses grow and provide multiple services to their clients. However, what if it’s done wrong? Can a poorly thought out strategic alliance affect your credibility and reputation?

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  • Cathrine Ann: Rags to Riches…to Published Author

    In spite of the many challenges Cathrine Ann faced throughout her life, including childhood sexual abuse and being homeless at 40, she was able to turn her circumstances around and create a million-dollar company. She’s also created a second career as an inspirational public speaker, and has just published a memoir of her life so far.

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  • Retail and Strategic Alliances – the Lüt Boutique way

    New entrepreneur Jennifer Cummer uses strategic alliances to help promote her brick-and-mortar clothing boutique, creating win-win situations for everyone involved. In her first year she’s explored alliances with artists, jewellery artisans, emerging clothing designers and a business group.

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  • Entrepreneurial Education: a Student’s Experience

    Jenny Tanabe graduated from the four-year “Small Business and Entrepreneurship” program offered through Mount Royal College (now a University) in Calgary, Alberta. During the course, students were required to start their own businesses. Jenny shares her experiences.

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  • The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma: Coaching vs. MBA – Part 2

    Cathy Watters interviews Elissa Sangster, executive director of Forté Foundation, to find out her thoughts on whether entrepreneurs can benefit from an MBA.

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  • The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma: Coaching vs. MBA

    What type of education should entrepreneurs take to become better at what they do? Cathy Watters interviews E-Myth master coach, Karin Iwata, to find out her thoughts on it.

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  • “Feisty, Frugal, & Fabulous” Mom turns hobby blog into biz

    How do you go about making money online? Stay-at-home mompreneur Tenille Lafontaine started blogging two years ago and now gets free stuff (her most recent freebies were a trip to Cancun and a coffee maker) while earning revenue equivalent to a part-time job. She says it’s hard work but worth it to be her own boss, work from home, and to be able to contribute to the family income.

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  • Time Management and Why You Need To Stop Stealing

    Natalie Sisson, blogger and founder of WomanzWorld, talks about time management and the importance of taking responsibility for your actions — or inactions. Do you really not have enough time to do what you want? Or, do you just not want to do it in the first place? Natalie gives three simple strategies for achieving more with the time you have.

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