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  • 3 Things Every Business Owner Should Do

    3 Things Every Business Owner Should DoAs business owners, we often get so stuck working in our business that we forget to work on the business. In the process, we also forget to spend time on the strategies that help us grow our businesses.

    I was recently talking to two new clients who were in different industries but had the same problem – business was doing well but they were working themselves to death! They both wanted to take a vacation but if they did, they knew the business could not sustain itself. And worse, there was no plan to get to the point where the business could sustain itself. All of their time was spent on getting through the day-to-day tasks and no effort was spent on growing the business or putting in systems to sustain growth.

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  • Conflict Resolution: Communicate Effectively

    Due to modern technology, we have never had more methods by which to communicate with each other than ever before. Yet, do we actually listen to each other? If you are a fan of talk radio, TV, etc., you’ll notice when conflict arises, effective communication goes out the window. Dr. Patty Ann teaches skills on how to communicate effectively to resolve conflict.

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  • Are You Flexible Enough to See Opportunity?

    Sometimes the Universe sends you opportunities that you don’t recognize or don’t want, and the more you say “no” the more the Universe tries to get you to say “Yes.” Lisa Sansom explains how it’s happened to her, and what the results were.

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  • Do the Math…Raise your Prices!

    Is your business financially healthy? Do you keep a balance sheet which clearly outlines your assets, liabilities, and equity? Ellen Rohr explains the importance of keeping on top of your finances and gives you three ways you can GROW YOUR ASSETS.

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  • Ignite Solutions and End Your Lack of Follow-through

    Catherine Rocheleau tells you how to improve your follow through and ignite solutions for your business in six steps, starting with the realization that YOU are the leader of the outcomes that you end up with. With that in mind, she suggests reviewing your goals. Read on to find out what the other steps are.

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  • 7 Tips to Stand Out in the Masculine World of Commerce

    Sarah Grace V. Villaflor, relationship manager of Nanostyle, gives 7 tips for career advancement in the business world. If you’re facing an old-boys club, you can still stand out and excel on your own merits. Sarah’s tips include things like developing your strengths, showing people what you’re worth, and listening to your intuition.

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  • Does Your Business Have a Clear Strategy? (Part 2)

    Natasha Golinsky discusses four ways you can improve your business in your bid to “strategically position your business for greatness.” Funnily enough, the first thing to look at when growing your business is…you! Find out what the other three categories are, and what you can do for each one.

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  • How-to: Fire Your Husband Without Getting Divorced

    Running a family business can bring some couples closer together. For others, it’s a recipe for disaster! Ellen Rohr gives tips on how to fire your husband (or even yourself!) without getting divorced in the process. Even if everything is going great and you don’t need to fire anyone, it’s good to find out what the potential friction-triggers are.

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  • Conflict Resolution: Acknowledge the conflict exists

    In this series of articles, Dr. Patty Ann looks – in detail – at five conflict resolution skills that can help entrepreneurs in both their business and marriage. This article hones in on one of the most important skills of all: acknowledging that there is a problem.

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  • 5 Tips on Running a Family Business

    Neata Auttapong Goutier moved to Canada in 2004 and within a year had opened her first spa. She now has multiple locations that employs three family members. Neata shares how she started, and provides five important lessons she’s learned about running a family business.

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  • Back to Work: from Home-based to Office Cubicle

    Lisa Sansom has recently accepted a contract that means working full-time hours at a client’s office instead of at home. This is her tongue-in-cheek take on the adjustments she’s had to make as she transitions from slippers to dress shoes and from a home-based enterprise (where her longest commute was down the stairs) to working across town.

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  • Business Etiquette – Handshakes or Hugging?

    Different cities can have very different customs when it comes to networking. Deborah Kimmett, motivational speaker and comedienne, navigates the confusing world of business etiquette as she hopscotches across Canada, and helps answer the question: when to hug and when to handshake?

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  • Fear – Face it and Enjoy the Rewards

    Catherine Rocheleau explores how fear can hold you back from achieving the kind of success you desire. She gives five surefire ways of helping you face your fears head on and turn your nasty little Gremlin into your best Cheerleader.

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  • Does Your Business Have a Clear Strategy? (Part 1)

    In order to grow a successful business, you need to have a clear strategy, or plan, that guides you in the direction you want to go. Without a clear business strategy, you risk creating a lack luster business with flat profits and little influence on your target market. Natasha Golinsky shares 5 Steps for creating a clear strategy for you business.

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  • Conflict Resolution Success in Business & Marriage

    Can conflict be a positive thing? Dr. Patty Ann explains how conflict in business or marriage can actually make your relationships stronger. Her top five tips for dealing with disagreements will help you learn how to resolve conflicts in a positive manner that leaves everyone involved feeling respected, heard, and empowered.

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