Sunday, October 24th, 2021

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  • “Thought” full Networking

    Networking is essential to the growth of your business.  

    Once you accept that fact, the question is, how do you connect with the ‘right’ people? Since many decision makers rarely attend local networking events, how do you build rapport with them if they’re not there?  

    You can keep attending the many events around town, sampling the food, balancing the wine glass, exchanging business cards and in general, having a pleasant time or you can put some thought into this process and to use a well-worn phrase: “Work smarter not harder.” 

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  • Connections Count!

    Do you know how important word-of-mouth marketing is? Did you know it can turn a business around from failure to success overnight? Well, that is if it’s positive word-of-mouth marketing, negative word-of-mouth marketing can have the exact opposite effect.

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