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  • Get the Most out of a Seminar by Doing These 3 things

    Success through action.

    Where Are You Sitting?

    As a Keynote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator, I have spoken at many functions of many descriptions. I have spoken to groups of ten and once to a throng of 1,000+ and the one thing I have consistently noted, especially in business conferences and sales organizations – almost without exception the top business/sales people are seated at or very close to the front, depending on their vision and the angle of the seats.

    Those people who already "know it all" or feel that they do, or those people who think "I've heard it all before," will invariably arrive late or at the last moment. They are also the ones most likely to squirm in their seats, leave early or talk to the person next to them. Conclusion?

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  • Get Your Message Heard!

    Whatever your message is, you want to make sure people remember it. And people listen best when they are engaged in what you say and feel it’s relevant to them. Cathy Kuzel gives eight key tips to help you increase your chances of getting your message heard!

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  • Connect! – Simple Steps to Better Networking

    It’s a brand new year and time to put your new networking plan into action! Don’t have a networking plan? Then review these savvy tips by networking expert Cathy Kuzel for researching, planning, and participating in networking that is relevant to YOU.

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  • 7 Telephone Secrets for Effective Client Connections

    Cathy Kuzel gives seven tips for using the telephone effectively as a tool for making positive connections with potential clients. If you want to make the best impression on the phone, brush up on these tips!

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  • Office Party? Ask yourself these 5 questions

    Before you go to your next office party, read this article! Cathy Kuzel gives advice on how to enjoy yourself without going overboard; and how to network in a socially acceptable manner during the Holidays.

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  • 3 Simple Presentation Tips to Improve Sales

    Being able to speak well when presenting to potential clients is necessary if you want to make a great impression and inspire confidence that you can deliver on your products or services. Cathy Kuzel, a networking expert, gives three surefire tips to help you succeed.

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  • Are you a Hoarder? How-to take charge of your data

    Are you collecting too much information? Cathy Kuzel gives 5 success tactics to help you decide what’s important, how to manage your time when it comes to reviewing information, and ultimately to take charge of your data-storing ways.

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  • Multiple Streams can Create a River of Revenue

    If you’re open to doing the work, you can create new streams of income on your own terms. Cathy Kuzel, entrepreneur and owner of The Connected Woman, gives five strategies for creating multiple streams of income that she uses herself.

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  • It’s a Balancing Act! – Creating Work/Life Harmony

    Cathy Kuzel gives five tips you can use RIGHT NOW to help you create a more balanced life. Cathy, who runs multiple businesses, uses these tools to help her achieve more in business while at the same time, creates more personal time away from business.

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  • Make More Sales Without Even Talking

    Take a long, conscientious look at yourself in the mirror. Be honest to yourself, what do you see? Is your hair neat and stylish? Does your outfit reflect your business? Are you dressing the way a successful business woman should? Is your overall look tasteful?

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  • 5 reasons a mentor is a ‘must have’ for successful women

    As children, we had people we looked up to and wished we could be like them. We asked a million questions and practiced whatever it was we were trying to master – riding a bike, shooting a basket or blowing the perfect bubble with our Double Bubble gum. It’s no different now that you’re an adult. In fact, finding mentors that can help you in many different areas of your personal and professional life is the key to achieving what you want.

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  • Delegate It!

    One of the biggest frustrations of many entrepreneurs is the lack of time to perform all of the tasks that require doing. Between calling clients, shipping product, approving literature, answering the phone, creating invoices AND opening the mail – there is little time to do the things that got you fired up about starting your business in the first place!

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  • The Complaint Department

    Sooner or later it happens to every sales representative – some customer somewhere, is going to make an unreasonable request or raise an unfair objection. This always puts us in an uncomfortable spot.

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  • When the office is at home

    Two of the most difficult challenges for Small Office, Home Office businesses are Time Management and the separation of Home and Business Life. A SOHO Entrepreneur is typically not governed by the 9 to 5, ‘punch the clock’ environment and rightly so –- it was a choice to become a business owner.

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  • 6 Tips to Marketing Success!

    The business name is registered; the logo has been designed and the business cards and brochures are printed. Check.
    There is ONE major reason most small businesses and solo-professionals are not successful with their marketing: they have no strategy in place. There are some very fundamental things to do BEFORE you start marketing if it’s going to be effective.

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