Sunday, January 17th, 2021

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  • Your Guide to Financial Planning

    What does the phrase financial planning mean to you?  

    • Determining lifestyle expenses
    • Planning for your children’s education
    • Building wealth through tax-efficient investment portfolios
    • Minimizing your tax burden
    • Ensuring a comfortable retirement
    • Mitigating risk through insurance
    • Leaving a legacy for your heirs 

    Effective financial planning should include all of the above. Think of it as a continuous life-long process, prioritizing and guiding your personal financial decision-making and imposing order on your financial life as you live it. A Financial Plan for you and your family creates a comprehensive and integrated roadmap as you travel through life’s financial stages.

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  • When the office is at home

    Two of the most difficult challenges for Small Office, Home Office businesses are Time Management and the separation of Home and Business Life. A SOHO Entrepreneur is typically not governed by the 9 to 5, ‘punch the clock’ environment and rightly so –- it was a choice to become a business owner.

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  • Business Dressing on a Budget

    We all know what it’s like to be a on a budget, especially in light of the economic downturn. Our economy might be in recovery, but there are a few important lessons we can take away from this difficult time. Buy quality, buy fewer items, dry-clean less often and scrimp on fashion or trendy items.

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  • Business Relationships 101

    A business partnership is like a marriage but without the sex to knock off the rough edges. Indeed what most people entering into a partnership fail to realize is that in all likelihood they are acquiring not one business partner, but two. The second, silent and sometimes sinister one is your business partner’s life partner to whom they go home and grumble to at the end of the business day.

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  • 6 Tips to Marketing Success!

    The business name is registered; the logo has been designed and the business cards and brochures are printed. Check.
    There is ONE major reason most small businesses and solo-professionals are not successful with their marketing: they have no strategy in place. There are some very fundamental things to do BEFORE you start marketing if it’s going to be effective.

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  • Optimizing Your Image for Personal and Business Success

    Are you ready for a change? NOW is a great time to look ahead, plan for your future and decide how to invest in yourself. Like resolutions in other areas, optimizing your image is a type of personal growth and requires commitment, discipline and careful planning.

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  • Top Five Mistakes Women Investors Make in Tough Markets

    In today’s markets, it is more important than ever to maintain an unwavering focus on your long-term investment objectives. This is especially true when tough markets start to drag down even the best investments. At times like these, it’s prudent to remember that there are rights and wrongs when it comes to managing your portfolio.

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  • Getting Paid, Part 2: Delinquent Accounts

    The starting point for any accounts receivable recovery strategy has to be timely and accurate record keeping. All of the major accounting software packages contain an accounts receivable module, so there really is no excuse for not having an up-to-the-minute print out of who owes you money.

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  • Organize Your Wardrobe to Minimize Stress

    This month will provide you with more detail on how to organize the items you’ve purchased in order to minimize your stress when getting dressed in the morning, especially as the holidays creep closer and other events jostle for space in your already busy calendar. There are a number of benefits in getting your closet organized, namely, dressing decisions are made easier in the morning, you can access your clothing items faster, fewer clothes make more outfits, and clothing lasts longer because it is being properly stored.

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  • “Thought” full Networking

    Networking is essential to the growth of your business.

    Once you accept that fact, the question is, how do you connect with the ‘right’ people? Since many decision makers rarely attend local networking events, how do you build rapport with them if they’re not there?

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  • Getting Paid

    The bane of every small business owner’s existence is actually getting paid for the work she does. While the problem is universal, it seems to be most acute in the services sector, especially for those selling advice or specialized knowledge. There seems to be a general reluctance to pay for something the consumer can’t see, touch, eat or feel.

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  • The Customers’ Bill of Rights

    Customers are the lifeblood of every business. Knowing how they think and what’s important to them can make or break your business efforts. The following are some basic “Customer Rights” that everyone involved in running a business, from owner to front line staff, should keep in mind.

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  • Business structure for dummies

    One of the more stimulating exercises facing the budding entrepreneur is deciding upon the structure for her new business venture. There are important considerations of cost, liability and brand protection, and tax to be addressed. There are also the needs of family, partners, financial backers, and employees to be considered.

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  • Connections Count!

    Do you know how important word-of-mouth marketing is? Did you know it can turn a business around from failure to success overnight? Well, that is if it’s positive word-of-mouth marketing, negative word-of-mouth marketing can have the exact opposite effect.

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  • Wardrobe Planning in Five Easy Steps

    As an entrepreneur you don’t have a lot of time to think about your wardrobe, let alone shop for it. You make marketing plans, action plans and financial plans – why not spend a little time on a wardrobe plan? Here is the way to plan ahead in five easy steps.

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