Sunday, January 17th, 2021

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  • Building a Healthy Body Image

    Many people are unaware they share information about their body image every day. Whether it is a comment about how the latest pair of pants didn’t fit, or the latest incident where something about their body prevented them from choosing to do a particular activity, people are constantly talking to themselves and others about how they perceive their body and all of its “faults.”

    The most rewarding part of body analysis and behavior modification around body image in consulting with clients is helping them to reframe their thinking about their body. Try these simple, effective tips to help improve or create your healthy body image.

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  • Are you ready for some financial advice?

    If you suffer from the symptoms of "portfolio paralysis" then it may be time to speak with a financial advisor.

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  • Make More Sales Without Even Talking

    Take a long, conscientious look at yourself in the mirror. Be honest to yourself, what do you see? Is your hair neat and stylish? Does your outfit reflect your business? Are you dressing the way a successful business woman should? Is your overall look tasteful?

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  • How to choose an Image Mentor

    Mentors are defined as those who serve as teachers, trusted counselors, guides and wise advisers. Over your lifetime, many people may serve as mentors, but how many of them are able to help you with your personal image development?

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  • Mentoring for small business: Advisory Boards

    Many of us were lucky in our early years to have someone special to guide us along the right path – a favourite teacher, coach, scout leader, or, in our professional lives, an insightful boss or senior co-worker to show us the ropes.

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  • 5 reasons a mentor is a ‘must have’ for successful women

    As children, we had people we looked up to and wished we could be like them. We asked a million questions and practiced whatever it was we were trying to master – riding a bike, shooting a basket or blowing the perfect bubble with our Double Bubble gum. It’s no different now that you’re an adult. In fact, finding mentors that can help you in many different areas of your personal and professional life is the key to achieving what you want.

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  • How is your home based image?

    It’s lovely to work from home, wouldn’t you agree? Set your own hours, work in your pajamas, take your computer outside on the deck and answer email at your leisure. No hectic commute, no extra cost of maintaining an office and most of all, no worrying about what to wear to the office.

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  • Get Good Marks for Planning: RESPs

    It’s never too early to start planning for your children’s education, even if they are still toddlers. It’s simply good financial planning. It’s good retirement planning as well, by reducing the likelihood of parents having to dip into retirement savings, or take out loans, during that decade running up to retirement age when their children are starting to head off to college.

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  • Working From Home – The Legal Stuff

    Why is it when ones hears the words “Woman Entrepreneur” that one automatically thinks “Home-Based Business?” Well, probably because it is so often true. Home-based entrepreneurship is a viable and logical solution to the many competing demands made upon today’s businesswoman, wife and mother.

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  • Delegate It!

    One of the biggest frustrations of many entrepreneurs is the lack of time to perform all of the tasks that require doing. Between calling clients, shipping product, approving literature, answering the phone, creating invoices AND opening the mail – there is little time to do the things that got you fired up about starting your business in the first place!

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  • Image Transformation: A Personal Story

    About ten years ago, I realized that the life I was leading just wasn’t working for me. I had left a job (temporarily) that I hated, but couldn’t see my way to whatever would be next and would be profitable enough for me to support myself.

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  • What to do when your business grows up

    There comes a time in a young woman’s life when she is forced to abandon skin-tight jeans and a “barely there” top in favour of a modest skirt and blouse and sensible shoes. Such is the tyranny of growing up and joining the workforce.

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  • The Complaint Department

    Sooner or later it happens to every sales representative – some customer somewhere, is going to make an unreasonable request or raise an unfair objection. This always puts us in an uncomfortable spot.

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  • Keep Your Customers in Five Easy Steps

    We all make mistakes in customer service. Sometimes we have a bad day and are unable to keep our emotions out of our interactions. Sometimes we simply miss something or fail to provide the level of service we’ve committed to, for whatever reason. We scrupulously avoid these situations, but they can happen from time to time. If you have had a bad review, you know it feels terrible.

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  • The Taxman Cometh

    Ah, Springtime! Cherry blossoms, daffodils, and everywhere signs of new growth and optimism, except of course for that black cloud of an April 30 tax deadline looming on the horizon.

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