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  • Top 3 Secrets to Keeping your Customers Happy

    3 Secrets to Keeping Your Customers Happy

    Expectations. Value Added. The Experience.

    If you’re wondering the relationship among these words, it’s simple. These are three aspects of the relationship your customer has with your company which you can control to ensure that switching to your competition just wouldn’t be worth it, even if they are more aggressively marketing and charging lower prices.


    Think about it. If you establish appropriate expectations when you are courting a customer or client, there will be no disappointment, assuming you deliver what you promise as you promise it.

    For instance, think about the expectation you have when you go to a restaurant at lunch and their table tent promises that certain meals can be served in 15 minutes so you can be assured of being in and out in a timely manner. Well, what if that meal was served in 10 minutes? What if it was served in 25? All other factors being equal (quality of the meal and service), you would be thrilled in the first case and disappointed in the other one. Had they not promised anything, you may or may not have had an emotional response.

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  • Make it Easy for Customers to Do Business With You!

    How easy is it for your potential customers to do business with you? Have you considered all the possible obstacles that might deter them from doing business with YOU? Carolyn West-Price Touhey gives three examples of common business practices that could deter a customer, and what you can do to remove the roadblocks.

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  • Keep your Customers: Let them know you Love them!

    February is a month of love, and remembering to tell your customers (and employees, too!) how much you love and appreciate them is a great way of strengthening relationships. Carolyn West-Price Touhey gives valuable ideas on how tell your customers, “I love you.”

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  • The Customers’ Bill of Rights

    Customers are the lifeblood of every business. Knowing how they think and what’s important to them can make or break your business efforts. The following are some basic “Customer Rights” that everyone involved in running a business, from owner to front line staff, should keep in mind.

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  • How to Cut the B.S.*

    I recently asked a group of HR executives what they did in their jobs. In return, I got B.S.* (That’s BureaucratSpeak!™) And unfortunately, it’s become the language most spoken in the workplace.

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