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  • Productivity: 5 Apps for the mobile Entrepreneur

    5 Must-Have Apps for the Entrepreneurial Woman. (photo)Mobile phones and tablets have changed the way we do business these days. On one hand they've blurred the line between work and home, leading to longer work days and interruption during both work and family times. On the other hand, they can be a heaven sent lifesaver to some of us. If you're like me, your office chair is collecting dust as you're scouring the neighborhood of wherever you happen to be for a coffee shop with chairs, internet and a good cup of joe to squeeze productivity out of every minute between sales calls and meetings.

    If that sounds like you or if it sounds like where you see yourself in a few months, you know that a good piece of mobile computing with excellent apps is vital to keep your business going on the go. Here are the five top apps that can keep you productive away from the computer with your android device. (Sorry iPhone and BlackBerry users we're focusing on android today but if you'd like to see a list for your favorite platform, just let me know in the comments section below).

    1. Nuance Flex T9 Keyboard

    While there is nothing wrong with the keyboard that comes with your android device, this app will make your mobile computing rock

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  • 8 Great iPhone Apps for Busy Women

    Have a Smart Phone or iPhone and want to know the latest and greatest Apps? Francesca Krihely gives her list of the top eight iPhone applications (apps) for busy women. This is a Guest Blog from Pretty Young Professionals (PYP).

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  • Desktop Organization: Pt. 1 – Fences

    Fences is a simple and easy-to-use software application for the PC that allows you to organize your desktop into various containers, or ‘Fences’, helping keep your desktop cutter to a minimum.

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  • Hands On – Manic Time: Time Management Software

    Manic Time is a free time-tracking application for the PC that sits in the background to help you track your computer activity and answer the question, “What the heck did I do all day?” You can’t rewind time, but you can use Manic Time.

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  • TrickleStrip: The Vampire (Power) Slayer

    Vampire Power is a term applied to the electricity that many household devices waste, just by being left plugged in. The TrickleStrip from TrickleStar combines both an advanced surge protector, and an energy saving system, to be an easy solution to preventing this unnecessary power (and money) drain.

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  • Hands On – Evernote: Remember everything.

    Using Evernote, you can capture and organize your data into a digital ‘notebook’. Anything from audio dictations, to whiteboard notes, from website clippings to photos of your favourite wine labels can be captured as ‘notes’. These notes are then made fully accessible to you within minutes from a variety of platforms.

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  • 4 Free Must Have iPhone Apps for Entrepreneurs

    For anyone who is fortunate enough to own an iPhone or iPod Touch, the App Store offers many incredible free applications. For the busy entrepreneur, many of these applications can help improve how you run and organize your day-to-day life. Here are my top four free applications for entrepreneurs.

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  • Logitech Comfort Lapdesk for Notebooks

    One of the biggest ironies in the computing world is that most laptops are simply not suited to one thing…laps!
    Despite this, many of us still want the portability and convenience that a laptop affords; the ability to use it on the couch, at the airport or even in bed. This is where the Comfort Lapdesk from Logitech comes in, providing you with a desk designed to sit readily on your lap.

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  • Haglöfs Laptop Drybag

    If there are two things in life that don’t mix, it’s electricity and water. Due to this well known fact, the Swedish company, Haglöfs, who are renowned for their quality line of outdoor products, have developed a laptop drybag as part of their ‘Watatait’ line.

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  • inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry

    Recently announced, the Ontario based company, Allerta, has begun taking pre-orders for their soon to be released inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry. This watch connects wirelessly to your BlackBerry (via Bluetooth), and allows you to catch those important messages, emails and calls, even if your hands are full.

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  • Livescribe Pulse ‘smartpen’

    The Livescribe Pulse smartpen is an all-in-one note recording device. A high-tech solution to the burden of information overload with an easy way to capture and share notes and audio.

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