Tuesday, February 25th, 2020

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  • How-To: Protect Yourself On Facebook

    Photo: protect yourself on Facebook

    I recently noticed that my pal, who shall remain nameless, had disappeared from Facebook. Her profile was gone and I missed catching up on her news and photos. When I emailed and asked her why she had gone AWOL, she said she was taking a break because of phishing, spam and she went on to rant a little about Facebook (but I won’t share that here) and the fact that she doesn’t trust the network enough to post photos or any personal information there.

    It is understandable that she feels this way  – she’s not the only one. There has been a rash of attacks on Facebook recently: everything from unwanted Facebook wall posts (like the “OMG Roller Coaster Accident!” one currently making its rounds) and surveys (like the “win an iPad” Facebook survey scam). When this happens to you and someone hijacks your wall, you might feel violated and you will probably think twice about the content you share online (which is not necessarily a bad thing) but there are some precautions you can take that can help prevent this from happening.

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  • Mompreneurs: Identify Your Purpose and Start a Business

    Mompreneurs often struggle with time management, mommy guilt, and raging insecurities as a woman, wife, mom, boss and business owner. Learn how to recognize your true self, find your purpose, and start a business that will thrive with these tips by ML Broxton.

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  • 8 Great iPhone Apps for Busy Women

    Have a Smart Phone or iPhone and want to know the latest and greatest Apps? Francesca Krihely gives her list of the top eight iPhone applications (apps) for busy women. This is a Guest Blog from Pretty Young Professionals (PYP).

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  • Grow Your Business by Thinking Like a CEO

    Are you a worker bee or a leader? When it comes to your own business, chances are you’re both! Karen Dodd explains when to put on the “worker bee” hat and when to step into the CEO position to better manage and grow your business.

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  • Tell Your Customers What You Want Them To Do

    If you want prospective clients to take action, then tell them what to do. Karen Dodd explains how you can help your prospects get closer to solving their problems (and becoming paying clients) by telling them what you want them to do. There’s a Journal/Action assignment attached!

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  • When Should You Break the Rules?

    Karen Dodd explores the idea of breaking rules in order to create innovation, and gives real-life examples of how she broke away from the ‘norm’ in order to grow her own business. If you’re having trouble standing out from your competition, you may want to figure out how to do the opposite of “business as usual.”

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  • Be a Social Media Sleuth in Love and Business

    Is that prince charming really everything he seems? When it comes to business, it pays to research your potential Mr. or Ms. Right, whether they are vendors, strategic alliances, or customers. Before committing to a business relationship, find out who they are and what kind of reputation they have.

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  • Embrace Who You Are and Roll With It!

    ML Broxton, Mompreneur, explores what you need to do to be a better mom, boss and entrepreneur. It starts with accepting yourself and embracing your all of your fabulosity and flaws, and ‘owning’ your personal strength and power. Whether we are entrepreneurs or Mompreneurs, “We are an awesome force to be reckoned with,” she says.

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  • Mompreneur: making time for children and business

    A Mompreneur realizes she’s been paying more attention to her business than her child – for 12 years! Anasha K. Shakti gives an honest account of her struggles to create a successful business while finding ways of reconnecting with her son and including him in the business. She shares what she’s learned.

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  • A Different Twist on Goal-Setting

    Are you struggling to keep up with your personal or business goals? Have you already messed up on your New Year’s Resolutions? Business coach Karen Dodd suggests trying a new approach to success. Rather than asking yourself what you want to achieve this year, identify one thing you need to CHANGE!

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  • How-to: Create A Social Media Plan

    If you haven’t already done it, NOW is the time to put together a “social media plan.” With a good plan, you can not only figure out what you want to achieve with social media, but also how you can incorporate social media marketing into your daily or weekly routines.

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  • The Membership Option – Make $$ Sharing Your Knowledge

    Is there a way to make your business run more efficiently? Can you reach more people with the same effort you’re using to reach just one? Karen Dodd explains how adding a “membership option” to your business can boost your revenue and give you a way to help many more people than you do now. Plus, an assignment and examples of successful membership websites!

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  • Catapult your Biz with More Clients and More Cash

    Have you heard of the one-to-one and one-to-many business models? Karen Dodd explains the different types of business models you can use, and points out which ones are best for gaining more clients and making more money.

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  • Mompreneur Life Balance: Parties, Plays and Programs

    School events are a big part of a child’s life. It’s their chance to socialize and shine. But it can be stressful for parents to make the time to attend, especially when work is piling up. ML Broxton presents this simple guide to reduce stress and have fun on event day.

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  • 5 Tips for Mompreneurs to Enjoy the Holidays

    Being a Mompreneur can be especially busy during holidays, with clients wanting things done quickly before they go on vacation and the kids needing you in their corner for concerts and parties. ML Broxton gives her five tips for balancing work and family during the holidays.

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