Monday, January 17th, 2022

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  • Discover Your Ideal Clients and Charge More

    Find Your Ideal ClientsIn my previous article, Vision + Consistency = Tonnes of Clients!, I shared with you that your marketing system can be put in place fairly quickly and with relatively little expense. I suggested you first focus on your Vision for yourself and your business, and then I asked you to consider:

    • why you started your business in the first place
    • if you wanted to work more on your business than in it, and
    • whether you want to remain as a "solo-preneur" or if you want expand and add staff

    Would it surprise you to know that everything you do in your business – from what value you provide your clients, to what you charge, what kind of hours you work, and what types of clients you attract – all comes down to what LEGACY you are committed to creating?

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  • Vision + Consistency = Tonnes of Clients!

    Karen Dodd shares her story of the first business she ever owned, some advice she didn’t take, and a marketing assignment that will help you become the sales and marketing dynamo you were meant to be. Find out how to follow Karen’s formula that Vision plus Consistency equals Clients, and lots of them!

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  • Overwhelmed? Focus On the Right Things

    Entrepreneurs have so many ideas and things to do that they risk becoming overworked, unfocussed, and stressed. Karen Dodd gives four strategies to help you stay on track for greater success AND she provides a wonderful assignment you can do (yes, homework!) to help you really put these strategies into action!

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  • Passive Revenue: Repurposing for Profit (Part 2)

    If you own a laptop, you have everything you need to run an info-product empire. But, you must know how to create a product that people actually want to buy! Karen Dodd, who is quite successful at selling info products, reveals eight things you need to know to succeed, whether you want to sell an ebook, a home study course, videos, or anything else you create.

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  • Passive Revenue: Repurposing for Profit (Part 1)

    Karen Dodd stumbled into selling informational products when she realized she needed something to sell at a seminar she was giving. She put together a 158-page ebook in just one weekend and it sold for $49! She tells you what she did, how she did it and how you can do it too.

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  • Want Success? Conquer Bright Shiny Object Syndrome

    How can you stay focussed on your goals when you’re subject to distraction by new ideas and other “bright shiny objects?” Karen Dodd explores the allure of Bright Shiny Object Syndrome – an affliction that affects many entrepreneurs – and shares the tools she uses to stay focussed on the way to success.

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  • The Fifty Plus and Fabulous Entrepreneur

    Have you ever had that nagging feeling that you were meant to serve at a higher level or make a bigger contribution (after all, isn’t that why we’re here?) but you can’t quite put your finger on what that is? Karen Dodd explores the world of the 50+ entrepreneur.

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  • Earning More While Working Less – Part 2

    In Part 2 of “Earning More While Working Less,” Karen Dodd tells how you can use the knowledge, skills and passion you already have to create “information products” and explores what these products might look like. She also gives information you can use right away on pricing your products.

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  • Earning More While Working Less – Part 1

    Don’t know how to grow your business and make more money? Want to work less without seeing your income shrink? Karen Dodd looks at ways you can create passive income so you can increase your cashflow with a little extra work now, for less work later. She also looks at a real-life case study of someone who was having trouble seeing how she could grow her business.

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  • 3 Ways To Be High-Touch In a High-Tech World

    Building relationships is key to successful business, especially for small business and entrepreneurs. What are the best ways to connect with potential clients in an increasingly high-tech world? Karen Dodd, client attraction specialist, gives her top three tips for becoming a relationship-builder and growing your client base.

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  • The Yin and the Yang of Authentic Marketing

    Karen Dodd follows up her recent article, “Secret to Success: You Must Have a Sense of Urgency” with this one on how to integrate the “sense of urgency” principles into your business while still enjoying a healthy sense of balance. She explains how Yin and Yang are important to your authentic marketing.

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  • Secret to Success – You Must Have a Sense of Urgency!

    Karen Dodd reveals how she stumbled upon the real key to success while revamping her business model and explains how she used it to help propel her business forward, from the initial decision to change her business model right up to her successful re-launch a few months later.

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  • Grow Your Business by Thinking Like a CEO

    Are you a worker bee or a leader? When it comes to your own business, chances are you’re both! Karen Dodd explains when to put on the “worker bee” hat and when to step into the CEO position to better manage and grow your business.

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  • Tell Your Customers What You Want Them To Do

    If you want prospective clients to take action, then tell them what to do. Karen Dodd explains how you can help your prospects get closer to solving their problems (and becoming paying clients) by telling them what you want them to do. There’s a Journal/Action assignment attached!

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  • When Should You Break the Rules?

    Karen Dodd explores the idea of breaking rules in order to create innovation, and gives real-life examples of how she broke away from the ‘norm’ in order to grow her own business. If you’re having trouble standing out from your competition, you may want to figure out how to do the opposite of “business as usual.”

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