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  • Starting a Business on a Stay-At-Home Budget

    Stay-at-home Business Ideas. (Photo)Economically, times are hard and stay-at-home moms need to make money to help the household financially. If you're a stay-at-home mom looking at your options, you're probably interested in something that is flexible so you can also spend time with family. Some enterprising moms are choosing to start their own unique businesses rather than re-enter the regular workforce. Starting your own business allows you to make your own schedule and be your own boss.

    While a lot of moms have thought about starting their own business, many don’t know where to start and are afraid it will cost money they don’t have. What most stay-at-home moms don’t know is that it is 100% possible to start a business with money you already have! With a little budget tweaking and creativity, anyone can start their own home-based business.
    Do you know what services you would offer in your business? Is there something special you are good at and can turn into a profit? For example, if you are good at baking, why not make money off it? You can plan on how much the start-up cost will be once you know what it is that you would like to do. A few ideas to get you started include some of the ideas listed below.
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  • Business Advice for Mompreneurs

    Guest Blogger Erin Palmer gives advice on how to run a business when you have kids at home. She touches on goal setting, creating routines, planning, networking, and how not to get derailed when sudden changes happen and your plans go askew.

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  • Overcoming Business Guilt as a Work-at-Home Mom

    Abbey Fatica, a mompreneur with three pre-school children (including a newborn!) explores the idea of Mommy Guilt vs Entrepreneur Guilt, and how she works her business around her family’s schedule.

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  • Do Work-at-Home Moms really get Maternity Leave?

    Going on maternity leave as a sole business owner is hard, but if you run your business out of your home it is possible. It’ll take planning! Abbey Fatica, who is now pregnant with her third child, reveals the strategies she’s put in place to allow herself to take some down-time when she needs to.

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  • When Boomerangers Return to Empty Nest

    This year, my kids came back for a stopover. Some friends said I was asking for trouble…but I was thinking of my retirement. When I get old, my kids will have to reciprocate and let me come stay with them. You may call that emotional blackmail, but I call it financial planning. With the current economy, I’m on the Freedom 55 plan; I’ll retire when my kids are 55.

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  • Couch to 5K: Getting Started on Getting Fit

    Follow ML Broxton’s journey to go from Couch Potato to Jogging Dynamo in her bid to exercise regularly, get healthier, and reach her goal of running in a 5K marathon this September. Find out more about the “Couch to 5K” plan she’s following and read her experiences in this follow-up post to “One Mompreneur’s Journey Back to Heatlh.” You can even join in (virtually) with your own plan.

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  • Going Away on a Guilt Trip

    As a Mompreneur, you may find your best tool for helping you stay balanced while juggling family and business is…a sense of humour. Deborah Kimmett, alumna of “The Second City” in Toronto, is a motivational speaker and Mompreneur with a refreshing take on family, housework, and business trips.

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  • Mompreneurs: Will Your Business Idea Make Money?

    Want to figure out if your business idea will work and make money? ML Broxton helps you learn easy tips to determine whether or not there’s a market for your business, and if there is, how do you get started?

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  • Mompreneurs: Identify Your Purpose and Start a Business

    Mompreneurs often struggle with time management, mommy guilt, and raging insecurities as a woman, wife, mom, boss and business owner. Learn how to recognize your true self, find your purpose, and start a business that will thrive with these tips by ML Broxton.

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  • Embrace Who You Are and Roll With It!

    ML Broxton, Mompreneur, explores what you need to do to be a better mom, boss and entrepreneur. It starts with accepting yourself and embracing your all of your fabulosity and flaws, and ‘owning’ your personal strength and power. Whether we are entrepreneurs or Mompreneurs, “We are an awesome force to be reckoned with,” she says.

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  • Mompreneur: making time for children and business

    A Mompreneur realizes she’s been paying more attention to her business than her child – for 12 years! Anasha K. Shakti gives an honest account of her struggles to create a successful business while finding ways of reconnecting with her son and including him in the business. She shares what she’s learned.

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  • Mompreneur Life Balance: Parties, Plays and Programs

    School events are a big part of a child’s life. It’s their chance to socialize and shine. But it can be stressful for parents to make the time to attend, especially when work is piling up. ML Broxton presents this simple guide to reduce stress and have fun on event day.

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  • 5 Tips for Mompreneurs to Enjoy the Holidays

    Being a Mompreneur can be especially busy during holidays, with clients wanting things done quickly before they go on vacation and the kids needing you in their corner for concerts and parties. ML Broxton gives her five tips for balancing work and family during the holidays.

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  • Finding “me” – an entrepreneurial mom’s journey

    Tracey Ehman, an entrepreneur and mother, finds that life balance can be achieved if you’re willing to work towards it.

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  • Think Like a Successful Mompreneur

    When my son Finn was 18 months, I wanted our playtime to be both fun and educational. I scoured teaching supply stores to find tools to help him learn the basics. I put a box together and called it mama’s school. We got the box out daily for 20 minutes and worked on the alphabet, numbers, shapes & colors. By the time he was 3, he could read!

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