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7 Ways To Increase Engagement on Facebook

By Cathy Kuzel on Mar 18 2013 • Filed under The Connected Woman

7 Simple Ways to Increase Fan Engagement on Facebook (Photo: CW)Facebook has become an important communication vehicle for small business to use for social network marketing. Are you doing the best you can to get the most out of your Facebook marketing efforts?

Here are seven steps that you can act on with minimal time and effort to ensure you are creating a Facebook presence that promotes and stimulates engagement on your page:

1. Ask Specific Questions. 

Keep them short and sweet. Google is great but no one wants to do research before they post on your wall. Ask intriguing questions that require short, one or two-word answers. A “yes or no” question can be effective in getting your more reluctant fans to respond.

2. Respond to your Fans’ Comments.

By responding to comments your fans have posted, you’ll engage them, create a stronger community and fans will be more willing to share your posts.

3. Videos and Photos Get the most Likes & Shares.

Post a picture and ask people to comment and tell you what they think. Share a video that your fans will be interested in then ask for their opinion.

4. Change your Cover Image regularly.

Keep it fresh and interesting and most importantly, let it reflect you and your brand.

5. Make it easy for fans to share their knowledge & expertise.

As a business owner and expert in your field, you’ve got lots of great things to share – so do your fans. The whole reason social media exists is the ‘social’ part. Let other people contribute by giving them as many opportunities to voice their thoughts and opinions on your page.

6. Be Authentic; Be Yourself. People connect with people.

If they wanted a newsfeed, they’ll subscribe to one. Post as you would speak if you were face to face and don’t be afraid to show your personality. It shows you’re human and that makes it easy to connect with you online.

7. Post Consistently.

Feast or famine is no way to engage your fans. Too much and they’ll disconnect – not enough and you’ll lose them. According to Facebook expert, Matt Astifan of WebFriendly, the very best time to post is Wednesday at 3:14pm. However Matt says, “It’s not about the time, it’s how long the post lives on the NewsFeed.”

Now Go Get Connected!

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Cathy KuzelCathy Kuzel is one connected woman! With 25+ years of experience as a successful Entrepreneur, she is recognized across Canada for her in-house and public seminars on professional development, sales and customer service. Named one of the Top Ten Mentors in Canada, Cathy is the Founder of The Connected Woman in Vancouver, BC, author of “Are You a Collector or a Connector?” and is a networking maven. Find her on Facebook and Twitter and check out her story archive.


  1. Thanks Cathy for the great steps!

    Sue Dickie

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