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7 Deadly Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make – (Part 3)

By Veronica Drake on Mar 13 2013 • Filed under Business

7 Deadly Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make - and how to avoid them! Part 3 (Photo: Robert Linder)This is the final installment of 7 Deadly Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make…and how to Avoid Them. Click to see Part 1 or Part 2.

7. Not having done their “inner self” work – (warning: I use a cuss word) 

“Not choice, but habit rules the unreflecting herd,” William Wordsworth
This topic is SO big and I could go on and on but in the interest of time I will get straight to the point. If you haven’t dealt with your inner sh*t you will only produce sh*t on the outside. I know sounds rough but it true. Maybe the words could be fluffier but I say it like it is. 
We all inherit a belief system from the moment we enter into this world. If he is a boy we’ll call him Bobby and he will wear blue, and if she is a girl we’ll call her Sally and she will be dressed in pink. You get the idea. 
Here is a great example for you:
Elephants in captivity are trained at an early age not to roam. One leg of a baby elephant is tied with a rope to a wooden post planted in the ground. The rope confines the baby elephant to an area determined by the length of the rope. Initially the baby elephant tries to break free from the rope, but the rope is too strong. The baby elephant "learns" that it can't break the rope.
When the elephant grows up and is strong, it could easily break the same rope. But because it "learned" that it couldn't break the rope when it was young the adult elephant believes that it still can't break the rope, so it doesn't even try! 
Humans operate in a similar way. We learned something about ourselves at an early age and still believe it as an adult. Even though it may not be true, we operate as if it is. Fortunately, humans are born with the ability to make conscious choices – an important step in changing how you perceive yourself. 
While our family of origin means well they hand down a lot of sh*t that just isn’t relevant in our lives any longer. A simple exercise to illustrate how conditioned we are: Try lacing your hands together and you will notice you habitually do it one way. Now try doing it with the other thumb on top. Feels awkward, doesn’t it? That’s the valuable moment we call confusion, when we fuse the old with the new. CONFUSION IS KEY FOR CHANGE. 
Our agreements are another way we can label our core beliefs.
List 3-5 core beliefs that you are consciously living out. Next, take the story ( the belief) and state the opposite of it. Example: "I am not smart enough to go to college" becomes "I am smart enough to go to college." 
After you have written the reverse write an affirmation around it. 
There are seven simple guidelines that will help you in creating your affirmations. 
1. Be Exceptionally Clear About the Real Issue 
2. Affirm in the Present Tense 
3. It is All About You 
4. Engage your Emotions 
5. Be Positive 
6. Be Short and Specific 
7. Be Accurate 
Hopefully, this will give you a great start on looking at your sh*t! :)
In closing, I’d like to leave you with a hope, a little clarity and a LOT of possibilities. 
(Editor's Note: Blame me, the editor, for the asterisk. :)

Veronica Drake is an International Women’s Business Coach, also known as the Simplicity Coach. She specializes in working with spiritually inspired women entrepreneurs who desire to simplify and improve the quality of their businesses while being uniquely themselves. Veronica's website is: (note: do not add 'm' after .co)

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