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Setting Your Intentions for Greater Success

By Dana J. Smithers on Feb 06 2013 • Filed under Business

Achieve greater success by setting your intentions. (Photo: Mattox)In your business there are many universal laws at work. One of them is the Law of Intention which is based on the fact that there is always an infinite amount of energy and information present to create whatever you want. What this means for you as a female entrepreneur is that first you need to decide what you want, take some action steps to create it, and believe by feeling that you can create it. Another little twist on this type of thinking is that you also have to let your idea of exactly how this has to show up in your life go.

What might some of your intentions be this year? Take a look at this list for women entrepreneurs and feel what resonates with you. Use the following phrase in front of each one below and you will know whether or not it's something you really 'intend' to do or not. If you don't get a good feeling from it, decide if it is something you don't need to do at this time or is there some resistance coming up around it that you might want to examine more closely? 
I (insert your first name) intend to: 
1. Review last year's Revenue Streams to determine where my sales came from. Once I do this I can decide what areas I need to focus on more or let go. My main source of revenues is from (fill in the blank) and I plan on increasing this by x%. 
2. Put systems into place that allow my business to flow more easily and free up time for work I need to do. I intend to delegate where it makes sense to pay someone to do things I do not do well and/or no longer want to do because I make more money doing other work I love.
3. Have more balance in my life – create time for family and friends – my business is part of a healthy life but not my whole life focus. Take good care of myself having 'me time' so that I feel refreshed and am happy and productive doing the work I love. 
4. Complete a 90 day marketing plan that I can easily follow so that my 'sales funnel' is never empty and I am always attracting more new clients. One of my key tactics will be to (fill in the blank – network more, do more social media, secure some speaking engagements, have more 'get to know me' meetings, etc). 
5. Create more strategic alliances this year so that others (my unpaid sales force) can refer me. I will focus on having excellent relations with my alliances so we can both cross promote. 
6. Follow up with past clients to build stronger relationships this year and let go of relationships that drain me energetically and financially. Use more stay-in-touch tactics that are more personal than just emails/blogs/posts. 
7. Revisit my 'ideal client list' so that I am totally clear on who my target audience is and how to market and attract them. With new clarity I can find more opportunities and inject some new interest in my work and do some out-of-the-box marketing. 
8. Continue taking professional development courses, reading books, attending trade shows and conferences that help me grow personally and professionally. 
9. Pick up the phone more and meet with more potential clients and clients in person – and limit the number of texts and emails I am a slave to. These actions will allow me to be more engaging and sustain longer term relationships. 
10. Determine when the time is right to hire a coach/mentor who can help me take my business to the next level. 
If you do not set your intentions someone else will, so try and do this on a daily basis and you will be absolutely amazed at the results. They will change your life. 
Your Assignment: 
Go through the list above and see which ones resonate with you AND add/delete/change whichever intentions do not work for you. It's your thoughts that lead to actions that ultimately lead to results – so the best place to start is by becoming aware of what you are thinking. 

Dana J. Smithers, President of the PRES® Staging Resource Centre, is the  author of Start & Run a Home Staging Business. She has also written several eBooks for the DIY home seller. Her mission is to ‘educate, inspire and empower’ women entrepreneurs to create successful businesses for themselves and thrives on teaching her certified professional PRES staging training courses on-line and off-line.

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