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Selling Your Home with Feng Shui

By Gail Cole on Nov 14 2012 • Filed under Balance

Selling Your Home with Feng Shui (Photo: Marek Kowalik)Here you are thinking about selling your home and not looking forward to all the interruptions for showings, not to mention the disruption to you and your family that happens. And what about having to clean every time? Waiting for that perfect buyer could cause you a lot of stress. 

I have good news, it doesn't have to take that long if you make some changes ahead of time.
What kind of changes?
Make some simple Feng Shui changes and watch your home sell quickly and easily. Anyone can do it. Your home needs to give that positive energy FEELING to a potential buyer and the rest is just paperwork!
People decide within a few minutes of walking up the path and entering the home as to whether they want to buy it or not. They either feel the positive energy or not.
What is your time worth to you? So many of my clients ask me what they can do to make their home sell faster and easier and have found out that following some simple Feng Shui changes or having a consultation is worth the small investment to avoid the frustration.
Here are some tips that are very important to know when selling your home:
1. Start organizing every room and closet, this is very important since you want to show the potential buyer you take care of your home and value it. 
2. Look at what you have as just "stuff". If you do not use it or love it, lose it. Otherwise, it is sitting around collecting dust and taking up valuable space.
3. Visualize your home selling quickly and easily to the right person. Don't listen to the statistics about homes not selling. If you do the work, the right buyer will appear.
4. Go that extra mile when having a showing or open house and display some fresh flowers or put out a dish of candy. People will appreciate your generosity.
5. Network by telling your friends and family you have a home for sale. They may know of someone looking to buy a home.
6. Maximize the natural light in your home. People are attracted to a home with lots of natural light. It is brighter and FEELS better.
7. Repair any broken items like light fixtures or holes in the wall and paint if needed to give your home that fresh, clean look.
8. Open up spaces and depersonalize your home as much as you can so potential buyers can see themselves living there.

Gail ColeGail Cole, owner of All Things Balanced, has written a DIY e-book on using Feng Shui to sell you home. This step-by-step guide is called Creating that Buying Feeling when Selling Your Home. Gail is on Facebook and you can find more info about her and her book via her website.

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