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What Am I Going To Wear?

By Cathy Kuzel on Oct 01 2012 • Filed under The Connected Woman

I have a business presentation coming up. What am I going to wear? (Photo)"What am I going to wear?" Sound familiar? 

Let’s face it, as women we have always had another factor to that professional persona – fashion. Out of necessity or personal choice, women could never get away with the one black suit, a couple of clean shirts, socks and underwear on a business trip as most men are able to do. As a business woman, when you’re preparing for a major presentation, you have a checklist: the video is uploaded and queued, hard copies are printed, you know the material backwards and forwards and you’re prepared to clinch the deal. Now for the last item on your checklist and it can be the most challenging one of all…
What am I going to wear? 
This is not a frivolous question and you know that it matters. You want to convey an image of authority, knowledge and expertise that compliments your presentation, not detract from it.
With the relaxed dress codes of today, it can be a tough decision on what’s appropriate. Here are a few simple guidelines to assist you in being the professional business woman that you are.
Don't wear clothes that are too tight, too low cut or ill fitting thinking no one will notice.
Wear your hair in a style that will stay in place and require no attention as you move about during your presentation.
Unless you are promoting accessories, avoid jewelry that is large, dangly and that will clink or make noise. 
Wear solid colors as they are the most professional and sophisticated. Large prints can be distracting.
Colour contrast is more interesting than all one colour. It’s okay to mix & match your colour as long as they are flattering. 
Err on the side of caution with your shoes. Make sure they are polished, the heal is not worn and that the height is minimal. Men do not appreciate being ‘towered’ over. (no one does for that matter!) 
Choose well-made garments over ill-fitting ones. You’ve heard the saying “you are what you eat.” Well, you are what you wear so be ‘well-made’. 
Check your appearance from ALL angles. Wrinkles are not acceptable (and don't think that mark on your skirt won’t be noticed!)
Don't forget your hands. They are often a focal point in your presentations so make sure the polish is perfect – no chips. (try a French Manicure)
And the finishing touch? Your smile – it can be the best accessory you own.
Now, go get connected!

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