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One Small Word, One Large Obstacle

By Catherine Rocheleau on Oct 01 2012 • Filed under Business

Change One Word to Unlock Your Success (Photo: dnabil)As a business owner, fulfilling your dreams and goals is key to working in your passion.  If only it were that easy!  The more I work with business owners and other business leaders, I realize that there is one common obstacle they all face – the word 'but'.

“I want to (do/achieve/enjoy) ___ but ___.”  How many times have you said this to yourself?  
This small word has such a major impact on what you do, how you do it and the outcomes you achieve. The good news is this one word can be replaced with so many others that make a positive impact on your thoughts and actions.
When you are not clear on what you want to achieve, 'but' frequently becomes a common part of your vernacular.  Subconsciously, you shift your mindset from 'can' to 'can’t'. Subsequently you reinforce your own self-doubt.  Obstacles will appear larger and the steps to be taken less clear. Achieving your goals and turning your vision into reality can become a foggy prospect.  
To remain clear on what you want to achieve, post your goals, your mindmap or your vision board where you can see it everyday!   
It is normal to experience times where you feel frustrated or stuck, or unsure how to think positively but these thoughts and feelings should not be present everyday. Self-doubt can erode your self-confidence and your ability to keep yourself on track – even when your goals are visible. If you cannot kick yourself out of the rut, it’s time to find someone who can push you forward.
An accountability partner such as a Business Coach or Mastermind Team can help you face your greatest obstacles, provide support, ideas, insights and keep you on track when self-doubt rears its ugly head! 
New Systems
Systems are the steps we take to move from point A to point B. As a solo-preneur you are most likely doing everything yourself. As you grow your business, you must learn to delegate tasks and roles to others. This can be a huge challenge because some of those tasks are easy and relaxing for you. Giving them up means you must face the more challenging ‘big picture thinking’ that is now required from you.
Business growth and delegating to others requires you to have systems and training in place so others know what to do, how to do it and what is the expected outcome. One of the most effective advantages of creating systems within your business is their ability to eliminate stress and confusion. The ideal system is set up in a way that will allow it to grow with you and your business. 
Isn’t it time to replace ‘But’ with ‘Can’? Create a clear vision, select an accountability partner and establish sound systems to take any extra struggle out of your way as you develop and grow your business.

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  1. Thanks for the great article Catherine. Your point about the ‘but’ not even having to be verbalized is enough to sabotage our sub-conscious, really resonated with me. From now on I’m going to ‘but-out!’

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