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Get Organized for Fall with Feng Shui!

By Gail Cole on Sep 11 2012 • Filed under Balance

Get Organized for Fall with Feng Shui (Photo: Billy Alexander)As fall draws near nature sheds her leaves and let's go of the past. We tend to do the same in our homes with Feng Shui.

By using a few simple "clearing out the old and bringing in the new" tips, even a beginner can clear their environment. This will help you to feel more connected with your home and stable as a person. 
Here are a number of ways to attract good Feng Shui this fall: 
1. Clear the Clutter –
Looking at clutter everyday makes us feel heavy and burdenedwhich in turn keeps us stuck. Clutter represents resistance and things we would rather not deal with. If you want to open up the flow in your home and change in your life, clear the clutter. Junk in drawers, old magazines and papers are examples of clutter and clutter is negative energy in Feng Shui. 
2. Clear Your Closets –
Feng Shui is everywhere and behind those closet doors is not exempt. Closets are bins of old, dead energy. Assess what is in your closet and if you don't use it, lose it! You will keep positive flowing energy by keeping it clean and free of unused things. 
3. Strengthen and Balance Your Home –
When transitioning seasons you can use Feng Shui to warm up your space and make it feel more cozy. By changing colours of walls, bedding, art etc. to warmer earthy tones it comforts us through the long, cold winter which is important. 
4. Clear Your Entrance –
In Feng Shui this is the main point of entry for energy into your home. Clean and clear all the old pots, summer flowers that have stopped blooming, dead leaves and any other items that clutter the entrance. This will keep the fresh energy flowing inside your home for the new season. 
5. Regain order in Your Kitchen and Bathroom –
Pay attention to these two rooms and what they look like as you spend lots of time there. If things have piled up over the summer, take time to regain calm. Clear out old medications and put current medications out of view so you don't have a constant reminder of health problems. Clear kitchen counters to give you lots of space for meal preparation. Did you also know that a clean kitchen and stove is directly related to good wealth in Feng Shui? 
6. Home Maintenance –
Repair, check and clean things such as heating systems, gutters, windows etc. so you can relax in the fall knowing your home is weather ready. Good Feng Shui is doing regular maintenance before disaster strikes. 
7. Emergency Prepardness –
Positive Feng Shui is knowing you are ready in case of an emergency and having extra food supplies and tools you need in an event of such things as an earthquake or power outage. 
8. Car Care –
Cleaning your car lifts the positive energy in your car. Your car says a lot about you. Keeping it clean and orderly makes you feel more relaxed and calm when driving instead of chaotic and scattered which is not good Feng Shui. 
Remember, "All Things Balanced" in your life will create positive energy and open up new opportunities this Fall!

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