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Clean the Place Up!

By Ellen Rohr on Aug 31 2012 • Filed under Business

Clean up your office for better business. (Photo: Kerstin "Kerrick" Waurick)No world class companies of any kind celebrate (or even tolerate) a stinking mess of a shop, office, ship, truck, factory floor, restaurant kitchen, storefront, handcart, toolbox or surgical instrument. When it comes to business: Clean is good. Dirty is bad. Take a look around your shop.

Here’s a handy checklist for getting it done! 
  • Put someone in charge. Could be you. You can always hire a professional organizer to help. Check out the National Association of Professional Organizers. Meet with him or her to plan the Clean Up Day. 
  • Learn what you MUST save as far as records go. Ask your accountant for a list of items or search or
  • Meet with team members in appropriate groups to get a plan and a lay out for each area of the shop and office. There may be disagreements about what goes where as you may out each space. As the owner or the manager, you make the final call. 
  • Pick a day and put it on your Calendar. “Clean Up Day!” Alert all team members. Let them know when you will start, when you’ll stop and that you will be cleaning and organizing the shop and office. 
  • Alert employees that if there is anything that they own personally that they want to take home prior to the Clean Up Day, they should do so.
    • This is a mandatory, on-the-clock day and employees will be paid for it. You will be closed for business, except for emergency calls. Assign the “emergency responders.” 
    • It’s an “old clothes” day. You are all going to get messy as you clean so dress appropriately and comfortably. 
  • Arrange to rent and pick up a power washer, unless you have one. 
  • Have buckets, rubber gloves, eye protection and cleaning supplies on hand. 
  • Assign someone to call out for food and drinks to be delivered. Your treat. 
  • Put names in a hat and assign clean up spaces (areas of responsibility) for the day. 
  • The basics of clean up are…
  •  Take everything you can safely move with two people OUT of the space.
    • Put things straight in the dumpster, the recycle bins or in a “Junk” pile. OR, put it in the “Keep” pile. Be VERY selective about what you keep. Even if it is brand new, if you don’t need it, you can throw it out or recycle it. 
    • Clean everything in the space…from ceiling to floor…with an appropriate cleaner. When it doubt, use vinegar or water. Don’t be afraid of elbow grease. 
    • Use the power washer whenever possible. (I love power washing!) 
    • Going to paint and redo the floors? Do it now. 
    • Refer to the plans you made prior to Clean Up Day. Lay out the space and arrange the furniture. Consider what work goes on in the area and how you can best arrange the “real estate.” 
    • Put the “Keep” stuff back in the space, cleaning every item as you do. 
  • Arrange to have the Junk hauled off. Whoever you use, ask if they can help you recycle what’s recyclable, too. 
  • When it doubt…throw it out. Yep. Do it. Really. You can always buy another one. 
  • Lead the charge! Bring your energy to the party and have some fun! 
At the end of Clean Up Day, take pictures. This is your new standard. This is how your shop should look every day. Nice!

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