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Can a Negative Really be a Positive?

By Carmen Jubinville on Jul 25 2012 • Filed under Balance

Is your negative toad a positive prince in disguise? (Photo: Billy Waller)Is it possible to turn a negative situation into a positive?

Well, it depends on your mindset and how you choose to perceive the people and circumstances in your life.
Very recently I realized that I believed this was possible but I wasn't actually living it. As I was reflecting on this idea, I realized that for many situations in my life, when things go wrong or when someone hurts me, I still revert to the same old behaviors of either blame or victim. "Why is this happening to me? Why aren't things working out for me? Why does this person behave in that way?" 
After all of the personal development work I have done in my life, I still find myself blaming other people or throwing myself a pity parties every now and again. Okay, well I'm human, I'm not perfect and so I let myself off the hook. But the truth is, I don't want to continue living this way. I really want to believe that God is working in my favor and when I have applied this idea to my life it makes an entire world of difference. What could be a horrible day always turns into a peaceful day when I trust in the bigger picture even if I don't really understand it all.
What woke me up was that I picked up a book a few weeks ago and it read something like, "We see two powers…we see good and we see evil. But what if we believed there was only One power and what if we believed that the One power was always working in our favour despite the people or circumstances presented to us?"
As I read further, it said, "Every man is a golden link in the chain of our good."
As I nodded my head in agreement, I quietly added, "I guess this means that every circumstance is also a golden link in the chain of my good whether I understand it or not." It was a profound moment for me even though it wasn't anything I hadn't heard before; it was an a-ha moment nonetheless.
A deep sense of peace washed over me in that moment and I knew that what I was reading was true for me.
After I reflected on the impact this idea would have on my life, I devoted myself to practicing it and affirming it each morning before I started my day. It isn't enough anymore to just know this, I want to live it!
Just the other day I received some news that normally would have ruined my day. I applied this idea and trusted that everything was working in my favour. I couldn't understand why things were turning out as they were but I trusted and went on with my day. Because I chose to apply this perspective, I simply moved through my day peacefully and happily.
What are your thoughts? How would it impact your life if you had the mindset that everything was happening in your favor? How would it impact your life if you believed that every man, woman and circumstance was golden link in the chain of your good?
"Although you are one Self, you experience yourself as two; both good and evil, loving and hating…
The opposites you see in you will never be compatible. Only one exists." ~ A Course in Miracles 

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