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Couch to 5K: Let the Countdown Begin

By ML Broxton on Jul 16 2012 • Filed under Health

Michele Broxton & Lorrita Hedge-Mace (Photo: Michele Broxton)So we’re 34 days from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation 5K in September and I can safely say that the thought has crossed our minds to panic. Susan and Dana are doing fabulously. They run like gazelles being chased by a lion and cross the finish line smiling. Melpo is adorable and will finish her scheduled 5K training two weeks prior to the deadline. I’m almost done with the training but am hanging on by a veritable thread. Life just gets really big sometimes, you know, so big that it tries to push everything else out of its way.

Anyhew, it was a good week in that we all kept going and we survived another three training days of our feet hitting the sidewalk. The bad news is that I’m drinking soda like the exhausted mother that I am and talked my husband into bringing me some of the little mini chocolate donuts.My tastebuds have been thrilled, however; buttoning my skinnier jeans is a little challenging. Whoops.


I felt inspired and broke into something actually resembling a run on the second half of the 30 minute sweatfest. The excellent news is that it momentarily improved my time by about four minutes per mile. Yay!


Melpo and I ran together and we had a great time. One of the coolest things that has come of this journey (other than the shrinking) is the friendships. Many of you have emailed, Facebooked, Tweeted, and chatted with me in the grocery store aisle about what you’re doing differently to get more healthy and get moving. The coolest thing is that each time it drives home a point that we are all doing our best to be our best selves.


I had the opportunity to receive the gift of Lasik surgery due to my husband’s military service deployment last year. It was performed by LasikPlus in St. Louis and they did an excellent job. Goodbye poor vision and eyewear! Before the surgery, the doctor said not to run until Tuesday. After the surgery, I realized how difficult it might be to run when it feels like pepper spray has been sprayed in your eyes. Ha. Within eight hours, all was well – now it just looks like I’m auditioning for a zombie part in a movie. The bloody eye look is just oh so “in” this season.

Saturday and Sunday:

There was no running for me due to the surgery and I can definitely tell the difference in my body. Rita Hedge-Mace, owner of Diva’s salon on Kingshighway, stopped by to say “hi” at Maid Rite on Sunday afternoon. We were both there with our kids giving unsolicited advice about chocolate to Brad Sherrill, the owner of Maid Rite and maker of fabulous hot fudge sundaes. Rita said that she and Rhonda Hills-Drennan from Phelps County Bank are going to start the Couch to 5K program this week which is so exciting!

Last year, Michele decided to participate in the Couch to 5K program so she could run a marathon for charity. These articles are a diary of her experiences as she worked towards her goal between July and September of 2011.

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