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Living Green OUTSIDE Your Home with Feng Shui

By Gail Cole on Jul 09 2012 • Filed under Balance

Living Green OUTSIDE Your Home with Feng Shui (Photo: Vivi Rindom)Living Green outside our homes with Feng Shui helps us create balance and happier, better lives – in nature. 

This Summer, make it your mission to add a few green ways to your life and feel the difference! The first and most important way to make your garden feel good is to declutter. Decluttering in your garden means getting rid of the old (negative energy) and making room for the new (positive energy).
Recycling old pots, wood or metal, removing broken furniture, cleaning up any dead leaves, plants or weeds, and trimming any overgrown shrubs brings good energy into the landscape. Think of your garden as part of your living space; it is an extension of your home and the good calm energy you want to surround your home. If the energy is negative, it will bring chaos into your life. 
What about balance in the garden? Using eco friendly materials and objects will draw good energy and balance. 
Eco friendly objects such as:
  • a rain barrel to conserve water and use to water your flowers and plants.
  • a bird feeder or incorporating a bird bath to attract bird sounds and energy to your garden.
  • use ceramic pots instead of plastic: ceramic in Feng Shui is the earth element, plastic does not belong to any of the elements. Tall ones, short ones, use different sizes of pots for variety.
  • buy wooden or metal garden furniture instead of plastic: wood represents growth and metal represents clarity and focus in Feng Shui.
  • when planning paths, use a variety of bark mulch, rock or concrete and create curves and bends wherever you can to make it interesting and slow the energy down.
  • add a compost bin for dead grass, leaves and any household water. This is great fertilizer for other garden flowers/plants.
Adding other objects such as chimes bring beautiful sound energy and wake up the garden. Water features add flow and the water element to the garden. Make sure the water feature flows toward the home and not away from it.
If you love organized gardening then raised beds or large pots are a good way to keep your garden manageable. If you want less work but want to add that healthy aspect, fruit trees are a good option and there are many varieties to choose from.
Gardens can be a lot of work or very little work depending on your time, energy and enthusiasm. Creating a low maintenance garden may be more work in the beginning which will free up more time all summer. 
Things to do to create a low maintenance garden:
  • Install underground sprinklers or put timers on garden hoses so even if you are away, everything gets watered and looks healthy.
  • Get help at a garden centre on what flowers/plants to use that will create different colours and heights in your garden all summer long.
  • Hire a summer student to mow your lawn to give you more free time and give them a little income.
Things to do to create a working garden:
  • Plant vegetables and herbs which will add different textures and colours to your landscape. 
  • Start early and use seeds, very economical but require regular TLC!
  • Build wooden pergolas in some areas of the garden to create sunny and shady spots. This adds a good balance of yin/yang to the garden.
  • Create a meditation area to sit and read, in a quiet corner so you can enjoy nature and solitude.
  • Share your vegetables/herbs with friends, it feels good to share the wealth!
The front to the back of your landscape represents your future in Feng Shui.
What does your future look like?
Send me all your Feng Shui questions and Happy Gardening!

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