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Living Green INSIDE Your Home with Feng Shui

By Gail Cole on Jun 20 2012 • Filed under Balance,Health

Living Green with Feng Shui Inside Your Home (Photo: Florin Garoi)Living Green inside our homes with Feng Shui helps us create balance and happier, better lives – room by room. 

This Spring, make it your mission to add a few green ways to your life and feel the difference!
Let's start with the Kitchen, which in Feng Shui is all about health, cleanliness and preparation of food. When combining this with green living we could:
  • Grow your own herb garden. This adds the wood and earth elements. A metal pot could add the metal element. Finally, growing them in a mason jar could help incorporate the water element. So, adding the metal or glass pot would essentially give you three elements! Herbs also add a nice healthy smell to the kitchen and are great for cooking, salads, and flavour.
  • Bring lemons into the kitchen. They can be used for cleaning the bacteria on your wooden cutting board, freshening your garbage disposal, cleaning a stainless steel sink, or just adding a fresh scent to the air without all the toxins found in most air fresheners.
The Bathroom holds a lot of negative energy as it has an abundance of metal and water flowing out. In Feng Shui, water flowing out means wealth flowing out. To minimize this and go green:
  • Add a low flush toilet. Also be sure to keep the lid down.
  • Add river rocks to the sink to slow down the energy from going out. This incorporates nature, the earth element, and gives the bathroom a “spa” type feeling.
  • Incorporate bamboo towels. They are another way to add green living to this room since bamboo is a natural fibre.
Living Room: 
In the Living Room, plants add the wood element and liven up the space in Feng Shui. With living green, air quality is important in homes and plants can help with this. Did you know that indoor air pollution is among the top environmental risks to health? Using plants that improve air quality and provide deodorizers will make our homes green-friendly! These plants include:
  • Areca palm
  • Bamboo palm
  • English ivy
  • Peace lily
  • Rubber plant
Lots of natural light helps the plants to grow and reduces the amount of artificial lighting you require in the daytime. And, by adding a large mirror that reflects the outside, you bring nature into your living room, great Feng Shui energy!
In the Office, computers and office equipment bring in the metal, fire, and water elements in Feng Shui. By adding some wood and earth elements, we can balance the space: 
  • Objects such as a wooden desk or bamboo accessories add the wood element
  • Earthy colours, such as yellow, add the earth element and keep the room bright and cheery.
  • To keep your career and finances flowing smoothly, a tabletop water feature would be good in the office.
The Bedroom is all about resting and relaxation in Feng Shui. Combining this with green living, we could:
  • Use bamboo linens on the bed and/or bamboo flooring to add the wood element.
  • Choose earthy tones for the wall (like warm beiges or earthy greens). Green-friendly, non-toxic paints are best.
  • Step up the romance with red non-toxic candles, bringing in the fire element.
Closets are stagnant and stale energy in Feng Shui. They are closed off from air circulation and often attract moths. Lavender sachets are a green-friendly way to get rid of moths and freshen the air around your clothes. Your closet will smell great every time you open it!
Laundry Room:
You can be greener in the Laundry room by:
  • Hanging your laundry to air dry instead of using the dryer. You will be amazed on how much longer your clothes last! This is better for the environment and reduces your electrical bill. 
  • Conserving water and only washing full loads of laundry. 
  • Using green-friendly soaps.
Additional tips:
  • Use green-friendly lighting in all rooms.
  • Keep doors closed for rooms not used often to conserve heat.
  • Buy fair-trade products (such as coffee, Ocean Wise Seafood etc.) when possible.
  • Eat sustainable foods such as peas, lentils, beans, and chickpeas. These have a low-carbon footprint, produce less greenhouse gas emissions and use solar energy to draw nitrogen from the atmosphere. 

Watch for next month's article on Living Green OUTSIDE your Home with Feng Shui!

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